Ratio and Proportion Practice Problems: Level 01

Q.1.The ratio of the present ages of Priya and her mother is 3: 7. The mother’s age at the time of Priya’s birth was 48 years. Find the mother’s present age.
a) 84 yrs
b) 42 yrs
c) 36 yrs
d) None of these
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Q.2. The perimeter of a rectangle is 64 cm. If the ratio of the lengths of two adjacent sides is 7: 9, find the lengths of these sides.
a) 24 cm, 28 cm
b) 14 cm, 18 cm
c) 7 cm, 9 cm
d) None of these
Q.3. The ratio of the length and the breadth of a rectangle is 3 : 5 and its area is 1.35 cm2. Find the length of the rectangle.
a) 9 cm
b) 0.9 cm
c) 0.09 cm
d) 90 cm
Q.4.The ratio of the present ages of John and Jim is 5 : 3. Four years hence it will be 3 : 2. Find the present age of John.
a) 5yrs
b) 5 yrs
c) 10 yrs
d) 20yrs
Q.5.There are 145 students in the first three standards. The ratio of number of students in the first and the second standards is 2 : 3, while that of students in standards second and third is 4: 3. Find the number of students in 2nd standard.
a) 40 yrs
b) 60 yrs
c) 45 yrs
d) 65yrs
Q.6.Which number when added to each of the numbers 24, 32 and 42 would make the sums to be in continued proportion?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 8
Q7.If 46 – x is the geometric mean between 56 – x and 38 – x, find the value of x.
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 8
Q8.If 6m – n = 4m + 13n, find the value of 2m + n : 2m – 3n.
a) 14:11
b) 15:14
c) 15:11
d) None of these
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Q9.The ratio of the measures ∠A and ∠B of a triangle ABC is 3 : 2. The ratio of the measures of ∠B and ∠C is 4 : 5. Find the measure of largest angle of the triangle ABC.
a) 72°
b) 78°
c) 48°
d) 60°
Q10.A piece of string 70 cm in length was cut into pieces, the ratio of whose lengths was 3: 7. Find the length of longest piece.
a) 21 cm
b) 70 cm
c) 49 cm
d) 7cm
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