Quick Review: Alligation and Mixtures

Rule of Alligation: It helps us to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients or materials at given price must be mixed to produce a mixture of a desired price.
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Important Formulas
  • If the gradients are mixed in a ratio, then:

    We represent it as:

    Cheaper Quantity: Dearer Quantity = (d-m) : (m-c)
    Here, Mean Price is the cost price of a unit quantity of the mixture.
  • Consider a container contain p units, from which q units are taken out and replaced it with water. After n operations, the quantity of pure liquid = p(1-q/p)n
  • There are n vessels of sizes c1 , c2 , ....., cn filled with mixtures of liquids A and B in the ratio a1:b1 :a2 :b2 , ....., an : bn , respectively. If the contents of all the vessels are poured into a single large vessel, then,
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  • In order to find the quantity of a product added, we use the formula:
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