Problems on Ages: Theory and Concepts

Understanding Basic Concepts
We will discuss the concept of Ages through a story: A story of two friends- Steve & Sundar. Both were roommates at IIT-Delhi. They loved mathematics and constantly asked puzzles from each other. After years of separation, they met at a college reunion.  At a reunion, Steve asked Sundar, "Hey Sundar, how is work at Google?"
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Sundar replied’ "It's good Steve, How is Apple doing?"
"It is good as well Sundar, how old is your kid now?" Steve asked.
Sundar replied, "His current age is 1.5 times of his age 10 years ago."
Steve heard the answer, and they both smiled.
Do you know the age of Sundar's Son?
Let us find the age of Sundar by understanding his statement. Let us take the kid’s current age as x. So as per statement given by him, x = 1.5 (x – 10). Solving for x, we get the value of x as 30. Hence current age of Sundar's son is 30 years.
As aptitude questions on ages are commonly asked in various competitive exams, so you should definitely solve a few questions of this topic. Now let us go through the different types of statements used in this topic:
Important Statements and Equations for "Problems based on Ages":
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