Data Sufficiency Practice Questions : Level 01

DIRECTIONS for following questions 1 to 10: You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question or draw the conclusion of the statement in the question.
Mark 1 if statement A alone is sufficient but B alone is not sufficient
Mark 2 if statement B alone is sufficient but statement A alone is not sufficient
Mark 3 if both statements A and B are needed
Mark 4 if either of statement A or statement B alone is sufficient.
Mark 5 if both of them together are not sufficient
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  1. Is X greater than Y?
    1. X2+5X+6=0.
    2. Y2+16Y+63=0.
  2. What is the total population of town A ?
    1. 40% of total population of  town A are males.
    2. Total numbers of females in town A is 6000
  3. Is the smallest of five consecutive integers even?
    1. The product of five integers is 0.
    2. The sum of five integers is 0.
  4. What is the total number of students in Class XII?
    1. Average marks of students of class XII is 24.
    2. Number of students who passed in XII were 20.
  5. What is the value of the sum of a list of n odd integers?
    1. n = 8
    2. Square of the number of integers on the list is 64.
  6. What is the Speed of train A ?
    1. Train A crosses a platform of length 120m in 20 sec.
    2. Length of train A is 100 m
  7. If a commercial fertilizer called Green Grow is a mixture of compounds M and N, what % of one bag of Green Grow, by weight, is nitrogen?
    1. By weight, Green Grow consists of 7 parts M and 5 parts N.
    2. By weight, 18 percent of compound N is nitrogen.
  8. How many of the boys in a group of 100 children have brown hair?
    1. Of the children in the group, 60 percent have brown hair.
    2. Of the children in the group, 40 are boys.
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  9. What is the mileage of a diesel truck from city A to B?
    1. The total cost of the Diesel used by the truck for the 1250 km distance between A & B was Rs. 2500.
    2. The cost of the Diesel used by the truck for the journey was Rs.20 per Litre.
  10. Does x2 - y2 = x + y, (given x & y are non-zero real numbers)?
    1. xy = y2
    2. x2 = y2
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