Data Sufficiency Practice Questions : Level 02

DIRECTIONS for following questions 1 to 10: You have to decide whether the data given in the statements is sufficient to answer the question or draw the conclusion of the statement in the question.
Mark 1 if statement A alone is sufficient but B alone is not sufficient
Mark 2 if statement B alone is sufficient but statement A alone is not sufficient
Mark 3 if both the statements A and B are needed
Mark 4 if each of statement A or statement B alone is sufficient.
Mark 5 if both of them together are not sufficient
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  1. What could be the maximum number of people in a group reading both newspapers X & Y?
    1. 50% of persons of the group read newspaper X.
    2. 30% of persons of the group read newspaper Y.
  2. A shopkeeper sells a phone X on 20% profit. What is the Cost Price of phone X?
    1. Average of all the phones sold by shopkeeper is 225.
    2. Selling Price of Phone X is Rs. 14400.
  3. How many maximum milliliters of water can a tank hold?
    1. The tank currently holds 200 milliliters of water
    2. If 150 milliliters of water is added to the tank then tank is half filled.
  4. Product of X and Y is 48 where X & Y are positive integers. Find X.
    1. Y/12 is an integer.
    2. X/4 is an integer.
  5. ls xy > 5?
    1. 1 ≤ x ≤ 3 and 2 ≤ y ≤ 4.
    2. x + y = 5
  6. For integers x and y, x2 + xy +24x = 81 , what is the value of x?
    1. x+y=3
    2. x2+y=5
  7. How is Bharat related to Bhavna?
    1. Chaaya, the wife of Bharat's only brother Chauhan does not have any siblings
    2. Bhavna is Chaaya's brother in law's wife.
  8. What is the distance between Ghaziabad and Karnal in Kms?
    1. It takes 2 hours to cover whole distance from Ghaziabad to Delhi with the speed of 27 km/hr.
    2. With the average speed of 36 km/hr, it takes 10 hours to cover ½ of the total journey from Ghaziabad to Karnal.
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  9. If P is an integer between 10 and 100, what is the value of P?
    1. One of the digits of P is 3 more than the other, and the sum of its digits is 9
    2. P < 50
  10. Find the fifth term of the sequence.
    1. Average of the first four terms of the sequence is 53
    2. Third term of the sequence is 72
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