Coding and Decoding : Solved Examples

Please solve these coding decoding questions: Try to decipher the reasoning used in these questions by using coding decoding tricks you learnt in previous article (to learn Coding Decoding Basics click here)
Example No. 1: In a certain language ‘CSAT’ is coded as EUCV. How is ‘CIVIL’ written in that language?
Sol : In this all the letters in word are moved two places forward.
So CIVIL will be written as EKXKN.
Example No. 2: If the word MAHESH is written as HSEHAM, then how will you write the word VIRENDRA?
Sol : In this whole of the word is written in reverse order only, then word VIRENDRA would also be written in the reverse order and ARDNERIV would be obtained as answer.
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Example No. 3 : If MANISH = AMINHS, then RAMNEE = ?
Sol : In this pairs of letters are interchanged, similarly the pairs in word RAMNEE would be interchanged and ARNMEE would be the answer.
Example No. 4 : In a certain code ‘COMPLETE’ is written as DPNQKDSD. How is BULLSEYE written in that code?
Sol : In this first half of the letters are moved one place forward and second half of the letters are moved one place backward. So, BULLSEYE will be written as CVMMRDXD.
Example No. 5 : If the word RAMITA is written as 181139201, how will you write the word SUNITA ?
Sol : Now in this case, simply the position of the alphabet is written i.e. R = 18, A = 1, M = 13 and so on. Similarly while making code for the word SUNITA, their alphabetic positions will be written i.e. S = 19, U = 21, N = 14, I = 9  and so on. So the code will become as 1921149201
Example No. 6: If RAM = 35, then SHAM = ?
Sol : In this question, the code for the word RAM has been made by adding the positions of all the alphabets in the word and number of letters of the word i.e. R = 18, A = 1, M = 13. So, 18 + 1+ 13 = 32+3. Similarly when the code for the word SHAM would be made it will be S = 19, H = 8, A = 1 and M = 13. Therefore, 19 + 8 + 1 + 13 = 41+4=45.
Example No. 7 : If ABHINAV = BAIHOZW, then MANISHA = ?
Sol : In this case, both +1 & - 1 are applied. A + 1 = B, B – 1 = A, H + 1 = I, I – 1 = H, N+ 1 = O, A – 1 = Z, and V + 1 = W, Similarly the code for the word MANISHA will be made i.e. M + 1 = N, A – 1 = Z and so on. The code will finally be NZOHTGB
Example No. 8 : In a certain code the word ADARSH is written as ZOZXYP, then how RADHA would be written in the same code ?
Sol : Now in this case, the coding done cannot be cracked, the simple method which is to be applied in this case is that all the letters of the word RADHA are present in the word ADARSH, so the corresponding code for each letter would be taken. Firstly take code for R i.e. = X, then take code for A i.e. = Z. Similarly taking the codes for other letters the word RADHA would be coded as XZOPZ.
Example No. 9 : If RAM = 9, SUDHA = 25, then RAMESH = ?
Sol : Now logic applied here is very simple. The logic is, there are 3 letters in the word RAM, so is code is 32= 9. Similarly, there are 5 letters in the word SUDHA, so 52= 25. As there are 6 letters in the word RAMESH, so its code will be 62= 36 and that is the answer.
Example No. 10 : If RAMESH = AEHMRS, then ANURADHA = ?
Sol : In this case, the coding is simply done in the increasing position of alphabets i.e. the dictionary order. That is arrange the alphabets in the same order as they are in the actual alphabetic order. Firstly A comes, then E, then H, then M, R and S respectively. Similarly when the code for the word ANURADHA will be made it would be AAADHNRU.
Example No. 11 : If NEETU is coded as VUFFO, then how would SAHIL be coded ?
Sol : In this case, the following letter in the English alphabet is taken and code is written in reverse order i.e. code for the letter N is O and it is in end, the code for E is F and it is second from the end, similarly the code for E is F and it is third from the end and so on. While coding the word SAHIL, the code for S will be T and it would be written in the end, similarly the codes for A, H, I and L would be B, I, K and M respectively. And the final code would be MKIBT. This type is called as +1 and reverse order.
Example No. 12 : If KAMINI = 342, then GANESH = ?
Sol: In this case, alphabetic position of all letters of the words has been added, after that it is multiplied by the number of letters existing in that word. KAMINI. K = 11, A = 1, M = 13, I = 9, N = 14, I = 9 and 11 + 1 + 13 + 9 + 14 + 9 = 57 × 6 (there are 6 letters in the word KAMINI) = 342. Similarly while making code for GANESH = 7 + 1+ 14 + 5 + 19 + 8 = 54 × 6 (there are 6 letters) = 324 would become the code.
Example No. 13 : If SIMILAR = VMROSIA, then DIFFERENT = ?
Sol : In this question, firstly add 3,add 4, add 5, add 6, add 7 and so on. Similarly, when the code for the word DIFFERENT is made firstly add 3, add 4, add 5, add 6 and so on. The code will finally become GMKLLZNXE
Example No. 14 : If SILVER = HROEVI, then GOLD = ?
Sol : In this particular case, if the letter is at ‘nth’ position from the beginning then the letter at ‘nth’ position from end is written. This can always be checked, whenever sum of the number and its respective code is 27. Then the method applied for the coding will be this only. As in SILVER, S is 19 and its code H is 8 and the sum is 27. I is 9 and its code R is 18 and sum is 27. While we are coding GOLD, the same coding method will be applied. The code for the word GOLD will be TLOW.
Example No. 15: If A = E, B = F, C = G and H = L, how will the word COME BACK be written in this code?
Sol : Here in this case, it can be seen that 4th letter has been made the code for every letter, in the same manner, you can write the 4th letter as the code for every letter i.e. COME BACK would become as C + 4 = G, O will be S and the code will become – GSQI FEGO.
Example No. 16 : If blue is called green, green is called yellow, yellow is called red, red is called brown and brown is called pink, then, what is the color of the blood?
1. red
2. brown
3. pink
4. Yellow
Sol : We know that color of the blood is red. In the question red is coded as brown. So, our answer is brown, i.e. 2nd option.
Example No. 17: If bird is called Pen, Pen is called air, air is called well, well is called car, car is called sky, from where one can draw water?
1. well
2. sky
3. car
4. Pen
Sol : Water can be drawn from well. Well is coded as car. So, answer is the car. i.e. 3rd option
Example No. 18: In a certain language NUMBER is equal to 73. What will be the equivalent of ‘PINE’?
Sol. Here the summation of all alphabets is being made N=14 , U= 21 and so on. The total comes out to be 73. Similarly, the summation of all the alphabets of the word “PINE’ would be, P=16, I=9, N= 14 and E=5. So total comes out to be 44.
Example No. 19: In a certain code language, ‘952’ means ‘place my order’ ‘849’ means ‘ buy correct order’ and ‘246’ means ‘buy my cookies’. Which of the following digits represents ‘correct’ in that code?
1. 2
2. 6
3. 8
4. 5
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Sol : Here by comparing sentence 1 and 2 get the code for the word ‘order’ which is 9. By comparing second and third sentence get the code for the word ‘buy’, which is 4. So the remaining word in the second sentence is ‘correct’ and the remaining code is 8. So the answer is 8 which is the third option.
Example No. 20 : In a certain language ‘VINEET’ is coded as ‘WHODFS’. How will AYNA be coded in the same language?
Sol. The pattern followed here is +1 and -1 alternately between the alphabets. So, AYNA will be coded as BXOZ.
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