Couples in Para Jumbles

Para Jumbles are one of the most important areas of various competitive exams. In a Para jumble question, we would have a jumbled paragraph, with some clues in the sentences to indicate the order in which they appeared in the original paragraph. In a standard question, we have 6 to 8 sentences which we are supposed to be arranged. They may be in the form of ABCDEF or they have a number before them. The main aim is to rearrange the sentences in the original sequence. The best thing about Para Jumble is that one does not need to be very proficient in the English language to score well in this area. With a little logic and an ability to find a link in the given sentences, one can easily master this area.
The best way to rearrange a sentence is by identifying or making couples.
Couples in Parajumbles
Couple is a kind of pair in the arrangement that has to come together and that cannot be separated.
There are around six types of couples which will help you in identifying the correct answer.
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  • Noun Pronoun Clue:
    In any given order a sentence referring to a pronoun will always come after a noun. Therefore, whenever we see a pronoun, we should immediately try and fix the noun that it refers to and then place the two statements together. Also make sure that the noun and the pronoun should agree with each other in terms of number and gender.
  • Cause - Effect:
    Look for cause (reason) and effect (result) relationship (if any) between the two sentences. The two sentences that are in a cause and effect relation generally appear consecutively. The words like "if..then", "when..then", "whenever", "the reason is", "because", "the cause is" etc. indicate cause and effect relation. Try rearranging these sentences.
    1. This could result in the flooding of low lying coastal areas and cities, such as Egypt, the Netherlands, and Bangladesh
    2. Many problems could result from global warming. One of the biggest problems is rising sea level.
    3. Some countries might even disappear completely
    Now "this" in sentence A must be referring to some noun, and that noun is used in sentence B (biggest problem). Thus A will follow B. And C will further follow A. Hence the correct order will be BAC.
  • Chronology:
    In some questions the events mentioned in the paragraph can be arranged in a chronological order and logically construct a paragraph. The timeline may be in hours, years, months or simply constructed using transition words. The words like before, after, later, when, etc. indicate a timeline.
  • Full form - Abbreviation:
    This trick is very useful in paragraphs in which both short form or abbreviations and full name are given. In these cases, where both the full form as well as the abbreviation is present in different sentences, then the sentence containing the full form will obviously come before the sentence containing the abbreviation.
  • General to Specific:
    Sentence that talks about a specific detail will follow the sentence that gives a general description; in other words, the order of the sentences will move from an introductory sentence to a specific detail provider.
  • Question - Answer:
    If there is sentence in the arrangement which is asking a question, then try to figure out a sentence that gives its answer. A sentence asking a question will precede a sentence providing the answer.
Examples of Para Jumbles
Example 1:
A. If an athlete is willing to become an Indian citizen, by all means they should represent the country.
B. If a billion-plus people cannot produce world-beaters in sports, then we must learn to live without it.
C. Indeed, the nation will be proud to be represented by them.
D. The honour of representing the country shouldn’t be given to someone who can’t even be bothered to hold an Indian passport.
E. We have no need for borrowed heroes in this country.
1. BEDCA         2. EBDAC         3. BEACD         4. BEDAC
Solution: The context says though we do not have good athletes it does not mean that we have to borrow heroes (people from other countries) or Indians residing abroad who do not have an Indian Passport. So, C can be the opening sentence talking about the subject, it is followed by B and then D-A have got keywords on similar tone followed by C. Hence E – B – D – A – C .
Example 2:
A. These are men who have always viewed money as a solvent.
B. Their need to replace this currency with love and other such intangible gifts, is fast leading them to what is called a highly moral alternate economy – the gift economy.
C. The current market economy, where every relationship involves a monetary barter, makes them uncomfortable.
D. For them, it’s something that dilutes the essence of social transactions.
E. Recession, however, has nothing to do with this feeling.
1. EADCB         2. CABDE         3. AEBDC         4. ABDEC
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Solution: Opening sentence should be E as it talks about the subject. Then, statement D follows statement A as D talks of money, mentioned in A, as something that dilutes the essence of social transactions. Statement B carries this idea forward by stating that this made these men what to replace money with love as currency. Hence E – A – D – C – B.
Finally, practice various types of Para Jumble questions to gain expertise in this area. 
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