A complete guide to Para Jumbles

One of the foremost requirements, to score well in Para-Jumbles, is your ability to understand the bigger picture presented in the given set of the sentences. The question based on this topic comes in three formats and they are as follows:
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  • Five sentences and all are to be rearranged. It is called complete Para-jumbling.
  • First and last sentences fixed and remaining four sentences are to be rearranged. This is called partial Para-jumbling.
  • Four jumbled sentences are given to us and we are asked to find the misfit one out of given four sentences. This is called finding the misfit one or odd one out
There are a few tricks with the help of which we can solve questions easily such as finding opening sentence, concluding sentence or a mandatory pair. Tricks help when choices are given but if choices are not given then it is altogether a different story. Given below are a few resources, which will help you in scoring well in this area.
Para-jumbles Basics
5 Tricks to Solve para-jumble Questions
Couples in Para Jumbling
Different types of Para-jumbling
You can go through the following videos to understand the concepts in a better manner.
Parajumbles under one minute
Sentence Rearrangement Tricks
Sentence Rearrangement
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As Suggested, you can practice the question from the following tests as well from hitbullseye.com
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