Para-Jumbles - Practice Questions

DIRECTIONS for the question 1-4: The question consists of five statements labelled A, B, C, D and E which when logically ordered form a coherent passage. Choose the option that represents the most logical order.
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    1. In simpler terms, it is the Indian version of the Razzies.
    2. The 3rd Golden Kela Awards will be hosted by Cyrus Broacha this year.
    3. It was created in order to ridicule the bad performances and as a revenge for wasting our precious time and money on such idiotic films.
    4. The Golden Kela is held each year where awards are given for the year's worst in Bollywood.
    5. It was created by Random magazine, India's longest running humor magazine in the year 2009.
    1. DAECB
    2. BACDE
    3. ACEDB
    4. CEADB
    Answer: Option A
    The paragraph talks about Golden Kela Awards. D introduces the Golden Kela awards,so it is the opening sentence (INTRO)
    A explains what the awards are.Hence A follows D.( keywords: in simpler terms) (EXPLANATION OF TOPIC)
    E is dependent on A as it continues the intro of kela awards by telling about its creation.( HISTORY)
    C statement tells the purpose of these awards..(PURPOSE)
    B statement talks about the present .that is why it is the closing sentence
    1. Despite the strong performance of the economy in 2010-11, the outlook for 2011-12 is clouded by stubborn and persistently high inflation, and rising external risks.
    2. The three key macroeconomic concerns before the Union Budget 2011-12 were high inflation, high current account deficit (CAD), and fiscal consolidation.
    3. Additionally, there was an expectation that the government would restart the reform process.
    4. While the Budget sets a lower nominal gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of 14%, we believe that the real GDP growth target of 9% factored in the Budget is on the optimistic side.
    5. E. The Budget has made an attempt to address all these issues, albeit through small steps.
    1. BCEAD
    2. CBAED
    3. DACEB
    4. ADCEB
    Answer: Option A
    B is the opening sentence. it is independent and introduces three main problems
    The word Additionally means that there must be something before sentence C. These issues in E are the issues mentioned in B and C. B will be followed by C, which will be followed by E. Hence, BCE is the mandatory pair.
    1. These were mainly bulwarks against winter, the hoarded dregs of more plentiful seasons.
    2. The first were the earliest mince pies, which saw cooked, shredded meat, dried fruits, alcohol with its preservative qualities and perhaps a few spices or herbs, all encased in large pies.
    3. Subsequently, people baked this into a kind of pie, adding bread-crumbs for bulk, eggs to bind it, and upping the dried fruits and called it 'plum pudding'.
    4. The pudding seems to have had two principal forerunners.
    5. The second main pudding was a pottage or soup called frumenty, a fast dish involving cracked wheat, currants and almonds which was ladled out at the start of a meal.
    1. ECDAB
    2. BAECD
    3. DACEB
    4. DBAEC
    Answer: Option D
    The passage talks about puddings which is introduced in sentence D.Sentence D talks about two types of puddings.
    Sentence B talks about the first type of pudding .It is dependent on sentence D .The keyword is ' FIRST'
    In A 'these' is referring to the ingredients like shredded meat, fruits and alcohal etc and also preservatives which save the food from getting spoiled ( bulwarks mean defense )
    E follows A because it is referring to the second main pudding. Keyword is SECOND
    C is dependent sentence which follows E because it talks about the same pudding.
    1. In a bid to placate the associate members, the ICC has decided to increase the number of participating teams to 16 in the Twenty20 World Cup, as the game's governing body feels these countries will have a greater chance of competing on an equal footing in cricket's shortest format.
    2. It is convenient just now to forget that in the last edition of the tournament, considerable criticism was heaped on the governing body for the inordinate length of the tournament, thanks in large part to the presence of the associates.
    3. To be fair to the ICC, criticism of the move to restrict the number of teams in the next edition of the Cup is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.
    4. The ICC's decision to restrict the number of teams in the 2015 World Cup has evoked mixed responses, with opinion divided among players of the full member teams.
    5. Not surprisingly, the associate members aren't too thrilled about the idea of being kept out of cricket's showpiece event.
    1. ECDAB
    2. BAECD
    3. DACEB
    4. DEACB
    Answer: Option D
    The paragraph talks about the ICC’s decision to restrict the number of teams and the response that it evoked.The decision is introduced in sentence D.
    On one hand the ICC was criticized because of the inordinate length of the tournament and now it is criticized when it wants to reduce the number of teams. Hence, DEAC forms a logical sequence.
    Sentence C will be followed by B as B shows the other side of the coin.
    1. Environment Education unit of Centre for Science & Environment has always been working towards providing easy to understand reading material.
    2. Their new publication on this subject is an attempt to lend teachers a helping hand.
    3. It unfolds in two sections: Climate change: how to make sense of it all
    4. And natural resources how to share & care.
    5. However, they are introduced to students not as a paragraph to memorize but as an activity to do.
    1. ACEBD
    2. DBCAE
    3. ABCDE
    4. BECAD
    Answer: Option C
    A introduces the topic ‘Environment Education Unit'
    The pronoun 'their' in sentence 'B' refers to the same.
    C and D form a mandatory pair as both of them tell the two topics discussed in the new publication. Also 'And' in D makes it ovious that it will follow C
    In E , 'however' concludes the paragraph
    Hence, ABCDE should be the right answer. Option C.
    1. A famous Japanese rock garden is at Ryoan-Ji in Northwest Kyoto, Japan.
    2. The rocks of various sizes are arranged on small white pebbles in five groups, each comprising five, two, three, two, & three rocks.
    3. The garden is 30 meters long from East to West & 10 meters from north to south.
    4. The garden contains 15 rocks arranged on the surface of white pebbles in such a manner that visitors can see only 14 of them at once from whichever angle the garden is viewed.
    5. There are no trees, just 15 irregularly shaped rocks of varying sizes, some arranged by gravel/sand that is raked everyday.
    1. ACEBD
    2. CAEDB
    3. DEABC
    4. BADEC
    Answer: Option A
    A introduces the topic ‘Japanese rock garden’
    C further defines the structure of the garden. So AC
    E and B both define the structure of rocks…these are pairs but E will come first
    D is a concluding sentence here, it will follow.
    1. When they gathered together, the Buddha was completely silent & some speculated that perhaps the Buddha was tired or ill.
    2. It is said that Gautam Buddha gathered his disciples one day for a Dharma talk.
    3. One of the Buddha’s disciples, Mahakasyapa, silently gazed at the flower & broke into a broad smile.
    4. The origin of Zen Buddhism is ascribed to the Flower Sermon, the earliest source which comes from the 14th century.
    5. The Buddha silently held up & twirled a flower and twinkled his eyes, several of his disciples tried to interpret what this meant though none of them was correct.
    1. EBDAC
    2. DBAEC
    3. BCDEA
    4. CADBE
    Answer: Option B
    D introduces the topic i.e., 'Origin of Zen Buddhism’ ascribes to the flower sermon.
    B logically tells about the first event in the story.
    In A, ‘they’ refers to the disciples mentioned in B.
    After this E as the question was asked by the Gautam Buddha.
    Finally C will come as one of his disciples was able to figure out the answer.
    1. The post-election crisis in Kenya remains unresolved.
    2. The damage being done to the country's economy is severe: tourism, horticulture, and other industries that depend on trade beyond the Kenyan border are reeling.
    3. Many countries responded, providing essential humanitarian assistance and logistical support. For this, I and many other Kenyans are very grateful.
    4. Thousands of livelihoods, along with investments throughout the region, are threatened and collapsing.
    5. As the situation in Kenya escalated with murders, rapes, burning of property, looting, and the displacement of thousands of people throughout the country - the international community was urged to help.
    1. AEDBC
    2. ABCED
    3. ACDEB
    4. ABDEC
    Answer: Option D
    E mentions the international community was ready to help.
    C follows elaborating on the help.
    The EC link is only present in the 4th option
    1. The US market will continue to be the dominant one in the foreseeable future. The rupee could become even stronger.
    2. A greater recourse to hedging as well as striving for multi-currency revenue streams automatically suggests itself.
    3. Already one company, TCS, by resorting to these methods extensively has turned in an above - average performance during the first quarter.
    4. Most IT companies have been grappling with more mundane problems such as a high level of attrition amidst rising wage costs and inability to secure the right type and number of American visas.
    5. The BPO industry and many medium-sized software exporters are reportedly operating on thin margins.
    1. BCADE
    2. ABCDE
    3. DCBAE
    4. EDABC
    Answer: Option D
    E is the most independent sentence among all these sentences, so it will mark the opening of the paragraph.The problems are listed in E, D and A.
    B which gives a course of action should follow them. BC will form a pair.
    1. Last March, I was invited to present a paper on the topic of whether the mistakes of the 20th century would be repeated in the 21st century as well.
    2. The economic crisis hadn't become grave then.
    3. But today the world is in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since 1929.
    4. The key difference between then and now is that the old power structures have finally disappeared.
    5. Now even the US is pleading for financial help from China.
    1. BCADE
    2. ABCDE
    3. CDEAB
    4. DEABC
    Answer: Option B
    BC shows a contrast and forms a pair
    CD forms a pair as D elaborates C
    A is the opening sentence as it is independent and complete..
    try to solve this question according to chronology.
DIRECTIONS for the question 11-14 :Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.
    1. Thus, despite India's huge population, we have not done well in Olympic Games.
    2. During the British period also, cricket remained popular in India.
    3. Cricket has been an extremely popular game in India for quite some time now.
    4. It is time our government and corporate fraternity pay due attention to other games/sports and we redeem our national pride in Olympic Games.
    5. However, due to this reason, other games/sports did not receive the required attention they deserve.
    1. EACDB
    2. BDACE
    3. CBEAD
    4. DCEAB
    Answer: Option C
    The opener will be sentence C as it highlights the stratus of cricket in India and is the topic of the discussion.
    After this B will come as it further tells about the popularity of cricket during British time.
    After this E will come as it tells the reason that why other games have not been given attention and it clear with the phrase ‘due to this reason’.
    Because of this reason, we are not able to do well in Olympic games.
    So it is high time to our government and sports fraternity to take care of all the games. So the correct order is CBEAD.
    1. People started fearing a famine.
    2. Monsoon turned out to be unusually abundant and the danger was averted.
    3. The monsoon failed and water tanks became almost empty.
    4. So, no grain could be sown by the farmers in their fields.
    5. Farmers looked anxiously for the next monsoon.
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    1. CADBE
    2. CDAEB
    3. AEDCB
    4. DABCE
    Answer: Option B
    The paragraph clearly identifies 3 ways:
    The Para starts with failing monsoon and because of which tanks became empty.
    This fear led to no sowing of the grains by the farmers.
    This led to fear of famine
    After this farmers again became anxious for the next monsoon.
    After this speculation something opposite happened and monsoon fared well and danger was averted. The correct sequence is CDAEB
    1. Economists all over the world have expressed anxiety in this regard.
    2. As a result, Indian people have been subjected to high cost of living and inflation.
    3. Indian economy has not shown desirable growth in the recent years.
    4. Grim global economic scenario has also contributed to this problem and it seems a quick fix solution is yet far away.
    5. But, one of the primary reasons for such a situation has been Indian government's inability to take tough decisions.
    1. CDAEB
    2. ACDBE
    3. DEABC
    4. EADCB
    Answer: Option A
    A will not start the arrangement as it uses “this regard" which means there has to be something before this sentence.
    D says “this problem”, this cannot start the arrangement as well.
    E says “such situation “this too cannot start the arrangement.
    So, the opener will be C as it introduces the topic of the discussion, which is Indian economy not showing the desirable growth in recent years. ‘After this D will come as it citing another reason for Indian economy not showing desirable growth. Economists all the world are worried about this trend.
    After this E will come as it is telling the real reason, which is Indian government’s inability to take the tough decisions. Finally B will conclude as it tells the outcome of slowdown in the economy i.e. people are subjected to high cost of living etc. The correct sequence is CDAEB.
    1. They fled to the higher ground.
    2. Soon the floods retired and the villagers were able to return.
    3. The river overflowed its banks.
    4. The rain fell steadily for several days.
    5. The terrified villagers abandoned their homes.
    1. CEBAD
    2. DEBCA
    3. DCEAB
    4. EDABC
    Answer: Option C
    D is the best opening sentence as the event mentioned in this s sentence is starting the whole story.
    Because it rained continuously for several days the river overflowed.
    Thus D-C form a logical pair.
    Overflowing of the river terrified the villagers. ‘THEY’, villagers fled to higher ground.
    The concluding sentence is B as it talks about the situation returning to normal.
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