Data Sufficiency Reasoning Questions: Level 01

Directions (1-10):
  1. If data in the statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question.
  2. If data in the statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
  3. If data either in the statement I alone or statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.
  4. If data given in both I & II together are not sufficient to answer the question.
  5. If data in both statements I & II together are necessary to answer the question.
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Q1. Among the four friends P, Q, R & S who works for the most hours(each works for different no of hours ?
  1. P works less than Q, S works less than both P and R
  2. R works less than Q but more than S, P works more than R but not the most.
Q2. On which day of the week did Raman leave for Dubai ?
  1. Raman didn’t leave for Dubai during the weekend.
  2. Raman’s brother left for Dubai on Friday 2 days after Raman left for Dubai
Q3. How is C related to A ?
  1. A is the son of B, D is the husband of B.
  2. F is married to C, C has 2 children D and E.D is the father of A.
Q4. How many students are there between Ram and Aditya a row of 40 students ?
  1. Ram is 7th from the left end, Aditya is 17th from the right end.
  2. Ram is 6 places away from Jeni, who is 20th from the left end.
Q5. How is A related to C ?
  1. A is the son of C's grandfather B
  2. The sister of C is mother of A's son D
Q6. How is GREEN written in a code language ?
  1. GREEN AND BLACK is coded as ' #@7' and ORANGE AND PINK is coded as '$%#'
  2. PINK AND RED is coded as ' #$8' and YELLOW AND GREEN is coded as '6@#'
Q7. In which month did Rahul go to Kanpur for business ?
  1. Rahul's son remembers that he went after 20th August but before 10th September
  2. Varun, friend of Rahul remembers that he went Kanpur in the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year
Q8. Madan's flat is on which floor of 5 floor apartments ?
  1. Harish flat, which is adjacent to Madan, is exactly below Karan's flat which is on fifth floor
  2. Madan's flat is exactly above Gopal’s flat, whose flat is exactly above Nitin’s first floor flat.
Q9. How many pencils does the shopkeeper sells on Sunday ?
  1. On Sunday he sold 12 more pencils than he sold the previous day
  2. He sold 28 pencils each on Thursday and Saturday
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Q10. How many boys students are there in the class ?
  1. 65% girls students are there in the class
  2. The no. of boys students is half that of girls
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