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Are you also interested in pursuing LLM? If so, you must be exerting a lot of effort to get beyond the LLM entrances. There will be a lot of law students taking the exam. Thus there will be lots of competition. In order to pass the exam, your preparation should be done properly.
Your application strategy and study materials are important while preparing for any admission exam. Therefore, to aid you in planning your study strategy, our distinguished faculty has selected LLM study material and approaches that will enable you to pass the exam. These strategies and techniques recommended by the professors have been thoroughly examined.
LLM Study Material
In order to prepare you better for the same, Hitbullseye has come with free study material for the LLM entrance exam. Some of the sources for LLM entrance study material are as discussed below:
Online Classroom
In order to assist you in understanding, analysing, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses, Hitbullseye has introduced the LLM Online Classroom Course. 360+ hours of live concept and doubt sessions, 110+ full-length tests (CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT, etc.), 245+ concept videos, and extensive study materials are all included in the programme. Enrol right away to get prepared!
Study Pack
The Study Pack comes with 60+ full-length & sectional/topic-wise examinations, 200+ Concept Videos, 160+ eBooks, and more. Using the study guide will help you perform better on the LLM exams. However, in addition to this, students also gain access to our Telegram channel, where they may ask questions directly from the teachers.
Test Series
When you take the LLM Test series from Hitbullseye, your dilemma over how to pass the LLM exam gets resolved. It has more than 110 mock tests to provide you with enough practice for the LLM. Your CLAT preparation is reflected in the artificial intelligence analysis of your test results. You will be able to assess your level of preparation, your strengths and weaknesses, and the amount of further study you still need to do to pass the law examinations once you receive the sectional analysis of your scores.
Free Prep
To give you concise material for clearing the LLM exam, Hitbullseye provides free access to their law-related videos and e-books. Taking the free preparation study material for LLM is the initial and a milestone step towards the LLM preparation and your journey in the field of law.
Preparation Tips
It's crucial to know what to do and what not to do while studying because it facilitates strategic planning for the exam. Let's now concentrate on the crucial hints and techniques that will undoubtedly help you in your LLM admission exam.
Have a good study plan: You should organise your study techniques according to your requirements and comfort level. Concentrate on achieving minor goals because they are simple to do so and will help you study and finish the syllabus more quickly. You will perform well cognitively, comprehend the concepts better, and have greater preparation if you create a practical study plan.
Previous Year Papers: It is among the essential components of your preparation plans. Understanding the exam, past trends, the distribution of questions and marks, key parts, etc., is always aided by reviewing past year's question papers. Therefore, most of your queries will be answered if you continue to solve papers from prior years.
Make a list of your progress: Analyse your performance frequently. Keep a record of the topics you have covered and the remaining material while you study for the exam. In this list, you may identify the areas where you need to put more effort and the ones where you are strongest.
Time management: It is yet another aspect of your preparation that is crucial. It won't help to sit down with a single question and work on the solution for hours. You need to manage about 200 questions in two hours, so complete practice exams and sample papers to strengthen your time management abilities.
LLM Preparation Books
Advanced knowledge is necessary for LLM entrance exams like CLAT PG, AILET PG, DU LLM, PU CET, CUET etc. Each candidate must therefore be thoroughly knowledgeable about the ideas and questions to be prepared for these exams, which makes it simpler for them to assess the level of difficulty. Additionally, it's crucial to learn from reliable sources.
There are many LLM exam preparation books on the market. The question, however, is still open: "Which is the best?" Do not worry; our experts have put together a list of LLM preparation books that can aid in your study and help you get a high grade.
CLAT PG Important Books
  • Jain or Salmond for Jurisprudence
  • PSA Pillai or Ratanlal & Dhirajlal for IPC
  • P Massey on Administrative Law
  • Poonam Pradhan on Family and Property Law
  • Avtar Singh or R.K. Bangia for Contract
  • Jain for Public International Law
  • Jain (Dukki) Part – I & II for Constitution
  • K. Bangia or R&D for Torts
AILET PG Important Books
Best Books for AILET English
Objective General English
S P Bakshi
Word Made Easy
Norman Lewis
Quick Learning Objective General English
RS Aggarwal
CAT Guide for English
Arun Sharma
High School English Grammar and Composition
Wren and Martin
Objective English for Competitive Examination
Tata McGraw Hill
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
R.S. Aggarwal
High school English Grammar and Composition
DV Prasada, Rao N
Objective English for Competitive Exam
DU LLM Important Books
Book Name
Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam
Gaurav Mehta
Ascent's Law Guide for LLM Entrance Exam
Ashok. K Jain
Singhal's Solved Papers of LLM
Singhal Law Publications
S.S. Handbook For LL.M. Entrance Exam (based on the new syllabus)
Vishal Singh
PU LLM Important Books
Ashok Jain Guide for LLM Entrance Exam
  • Law of Contract.
  • Law of Torts.
  • Indian Penal Code.
  • Hindu Law.
  • Muslim Law.
  • International Law.
  • Constitutional Law.
  • Jurisprudence.
Q: How can I start preparing for LLM?
Follow the following steps to start your preparation for the upcoming LLM exam:
Step 1: Prepare a timetable.
Step 2: Revise the notes that are prepared.
Step 3: Practice the previous year's papers/ mock tests.
Step 4: Focus on important subjects with more weightage and refrain from reading new things.
Step 5: Practice writing down a rough structure of sample essay-type questions from the subjective part.
Q: Is CLAT important for LLM?
The most popular test for students looking to pursue an LLM in India is CLAT PG. 
Q: What are the subjects for the LLM entrance exam?
The CLAT LLM entrance exam syllabus covers a wide range of legal topics, including constitutional law, jurisprudence, administrative law, tort law, family law, and criminal law, among others.
Q: Can I do LLM twice in India?
Students are awarded a distinctive LLM for each of the respective programmes they complete; they will receive two separate LLM degrees.
Q: Can LLM be done in 1 year?
The Bar Council of India (BCI) recently announced the elimination of the one-year LL.M post-graduate programme in law. According to the notification, law students must successfully complete an LLB degree (either a three-year or a five-year LLB) before enrolling in the LLM programme, which will last two years. However there are still some universities who provide one year LL.M Programme. 
Q: Can I do PhD after LLM?
Candidates who completed their LLM at an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 50% are also eligible to enrol for the PhD programme.
Q: What can I do after LLM?
LLM can develop their career in respective and reputable positions such as Advocate, Legal Associate/ Associate Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Magistrate, Legal Advisor, Professor and many other such designations.

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