LLM Preparation Books

Pursuing a master's in law is a step towards advancing your legal skills in a specific field. LLM is a 2-year programme offered by numerous law institutions and universities. However, there are a few institutions offering 1-year duration course. Admissions to LLM are conducted based on LLM entrances, where the candidates are tested based on their knowledge of law and legal reasoning.
LLM entrance exams like CLAT PG, AILET PG, DU LLM, PU CET, BHU PET etc require advanced knowledge. Thus, to be prepared for these exams, every other candidate has to be thorough with the concepts and knowledge about the question types, which makes it easier for them to analyse the difficulty level. Besides, it is important to study from the right sources.
There are numerous LLM preparation books available in the market! But the question remains the same, “which one is the best?” fret no, as our faculty has curated a list of LLM preparation books that can help you in your preparation, as well as help you achieve a great score.
LLM Preparation Books
When preparing for any entrance exam, it is important to find the right sources. Well out of numerous books on the market, getting the one that is useful is hard but not impossible.
There are numerous books that still are following the previous year’s exam pattern. So, it is important that you check the same. The books that we have listed in this article are tried and tested resources that have helped LLM aspirants in scoring well in the entrances.
Before we move to the preparation books, here are a few tips and tricks that you can consider while choosing the best LLM Preparation Books.
  • Read the book's description before buying it so that you are aware of what to anticipate from the book after you have purchased it.
  • When looking for current information, search for books that have been published by well-known publishers.
  • Before you purchase the book, be sure to read the reviews to have a sense of what to anticipate from it before you buy it.
  • Additionally, selecting books that provide practice questions at the end of each chapter is an excellent idea.
Highly Recommended Books for LLM 2023
Book Name
S.S. Handbook for LLM Entrance Exam
Singhal Law Publications
Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam
Gaurav Mehta
Ascent's Law Guide for LLM Entrance Exam
Ashok. K Jain
Singhal's Solved Papers of LLM
Singhal Law Publications
S.S. HandBook For LL.M. Entrance Exam (based on the new syllabus)
Vishal Singh
Singhal's S. S. Hand Books for LLM Entrance Exam
  • This book covers all the subjects as per the LLM Syllabus. Also, the book provides the previous year's question papers and practice set question papers for each subject.
  • Along with this book, you can also refer to our subject-wise mock test series curated by the expert faculty at LegalEdge.
  • Practising these test series will help in your preparation and help you to get a seat at the top National Law Universities in India.
Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam (Both old and revised Pattern)
  • This book covers all the topics per the latest LLM Exam Pattern.
  • There are around 5000 practice MCQs that will strengthen your last-minute preparation.
  • After preparing all the topics from the above book, you can refer to this book during your revision time.
Ashok Jain Guide for LLM Entrance Exam
This book by Ascent publications is written in a comprehensive language which will be really helpful for those preparing for the LLM entrance exam.
It provides both subjective questions as well as multiple-choice questions as per the syllabus. The book extensively covers the following topics.
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Hindu Law
  • Muslim Law
  • International Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Jurisprudence
S.S. HandBook For LL.M. Entrance Exam (based on the new syllabus) by Vishal Singh
This book mainly covers topics such as Constitutional Law, International Law, Partnership, Jurisprudence, Environmental Law, Law of Contract, Information Technology, Sale of Goods, Law of Torts, etc.
Referring to this book is beneficial for CLAT PG and other law entrance exams like AILET, DU LLB.
All chapters are arranged serially under each subject. Also, it will provide practice question papers as per the latest syllabus and pattern.
Practising these question papers will help enhance your LLM Exam Preparation and score good marks in the exam.
Subject-wise Books for LLM 2023
Indian Penal Code
PSA Pillai or Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
Contract Law
Avtar Singh or R.K. Bangia
Family and Property Law
Poonam Pradhan
R.K. Bangia
Administrative Law
P Massey
K. Jain (Dukki) Part – I & II
Public International Law
K. Jain
K. Jain or Salmond

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