Assertion - Reason: Concept explained with examples

Verbal Reasoning is a very important for competitive exams and regularly features in entrance exams. In verbal reasoning, the basic intelligence and aptitude of the candidate are tested. Intelligence has been defined as “innate ability” to solve problems. Innate ability is which is present in a person from birth.

Verbal reasoning is a collection of problems, which are required to be solved within the specific time limit.

There are various different types of Verbal Reasoning:

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  • Assumptions
  • Strong and Weak Arguments
  • Cause and Effect
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Course of Action
  • Conclusions / Inference

In this article we will be discussing assertion and reason.


A simple statement


Reason is the explanation for the assertion.

In assertion / reason question the options given are:

Study the two statements labelled as Assertion (A) and Reason (R).

Point out if:
  • (a) Both, A and R, are true and R is the correct explanation of A
  • (b) Both, A and R, are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
  • (c) If A is true but R is false
  • (d) If A is false but R is true
How to solve assertion and reason based questions:

Let us look at an example:

Assertion (A): Seeds should be treated with fungicide solution.
Reason(R): Seeds do not germinate, unless treated with fungicide solution.


First we will check if the assertion is true or not.

In this case the assertion is true.

Now we will check if reason is true or false.

In this case the reason is false, as Seeds are treated with fungicide before sowing to avoid seed borne disease. But, it is not a true fact that unless seeds are treated with fungicide solution, they cannot germinate. Hence, option(c) is true.

Let us look at one more example:

Assertion (A): Appendix is a vestigial organ in the human body.
Reason(R): It does not participate in digestion.
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Again we will follow the above given steps.

Check if assertion is true, and then check if reason is true.

Thus it is clear that; appendix is a vestigial organ in the human body and does not participate in digestion. Hence assertion and reason are correct and given reason fully explains given assertion. Hence, option (a) is our answer.

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