One word Substitution: Concept

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One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This area requires a good vocabulary to solve the questions well. Questions based on one word substitution are often asked in various competitive exams.
For example: A hater of womankind - Misogynist
One easy method of doing one word substitution is by using the root method. Roots are nothing but the words from which the main word has been derived. In our other series of vocabulary, we have consolidated the lists of root words that will ease your preparation.
For example: 
Look at the root word - CRACY.
  • A government by the people - Democracy
  • A government by a king or queen - Monarchy
  • A government by the officials - Bureaucracy
  • A government by the rich - Plutocracy
  • A government by few - Oligarchy
  • A government by the nobles - Aristocracy
Let's learn more examples:
  • One who is all powerful - Omnipotent
  • One who is present everywhere - Omnipresent
  • One who knows everything - Omniscient
  • Killing of a human being - Homicide
  • Killing/ Murder of a king - Regicide
  • Killing of an Infant/ newborn baby - Infanticide
  • Killing of a race or community - Genocide
  • Killing of One's sister - Sorocide
  • Killing of self or self-murder - Suicide
  • Killing of either or both parents - Parricide
  • Killing of one's brother - Fratricide
  • Killing of one's father - Patricide
  • Killing of one's mother - Matricide
  • Killing of one's husband - Mariticide
  • Killing of one's wife - Uxoricide
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Ible= Able to be
  • Inaudible - a sound that cannot be heard
  • Inaccessible - that cannot be easily approached
  • Incorrigible - incapable of being corrected
  • Irreparable - incapable of being repaired
  • Illegible - incapable of being read
  • Inevitable - incapable of being avoided
  • Impracticable - incapable of being practiced
  • Invincible - one, too strong to be overcome
  • Indelible - that cannot be erased
  • Indefatigable - one, who does not tire easily
  • Infallible - one, who is free from all mistakes and failures
Learning through word roots will make it easy for you to grasp more and enhance your vocabulary. The above given list of word roots will surely help you in this regards. It's always advisable to learn one word substitution with the help of word roots to ease your vocabulary building and expand your word base exponentially.
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