Grammar Practice Questions - Verbs

Directions for questions: Fill the blanks with the correct form of verb.
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  1. We ___________ (has paid/have paid) him the money.
  2. I _________ (have bought/has bought) my sister a watch.
  3. _________ (Show/Shows) me your hands.
  4. You _________ (has made/have made) your shirt dirty.
  5. We _________ (are waiting/is waiting) for Rohan.
  6. These books _________ (belong/belongs) to me.
  7. She _________ (want/wants) to go.
  8. We _________ (will like/would like) to visit the museum.
  9. He _________ (has finished/have finished) talking.
  10. My brother _________ (enjoy/enjoys) playing cricket.
  11. We _________ (find/found) the house deserted.
  12. We _________ (hope/hoped) that you would succeed.
  13. She _________ (has assured/have assured) me that she is ready to help.
  1. Nobody _________ (know/knows) when he will arrive.
  2. We _________ (must find out/find) where to put it.
  3. I _________ (shall show/show) you how to operate it.
  4. Jack _________ (cannot/could not) decide what he should do next.
  5. I _________ (can’t/could not) imagine why she has behaved like that.
  6. Can you _________ (tell/told/tells) me where he lives?
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  8. The club _________ (chose/chosen) Mr. Sam as the treasurer.
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