10 tips to improve your reading skills

Most of you might be in a dilemma as to how can you master the art of reading. The common answer that you would get is to Read! Read! and Read! Reading can be a task for most, especially if you don't enjoy it. We bring to you the recipe for being a good reader with these set of 10 reading basics that can improve your reading skills. Let's dig into them:
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1. You don't need to understand everything:
Well, different people have different reading styles and most of them don't get everything they read. Reading speed and comprehension levels may vary but as long as you understand what you read, you are fine. The point is to get the central idea, the core concept; the specifics can be given a miss.
2. Discover your reason for reading:
At the end, it is all about discovering your reason for reading. Why are you reading? To learn more? For an exam? To establish yourself in your peer group? I think the first answer forms the best approach. Identify one piece of knowledge that you would like to learn from every article or book you would read.
3. Be selective with respect to what you read:
Well, you don't need to read everything that is placed in front of you. Most of what is offered to us is junk. Pick up a newspaper and identify the things that really matter to you. You would be amazed how little bothers you actually. So, the best way to go about it: delete all the junk and read what is important.
4. In your selections read the best alone:
In the stuff you have chosen to read, read the best that comes under it. You have to keep filtering stuff. Until the time you do this, you will not discover the best reading material.
5. Scan before you dig in:
Make sure you have gone through the table of contents before you actually dig in. I know this sounds a little lame but most of you flip through magazines and stuff, and don't pay attention to the index. If you do so, you might be able to pick up the best that particular piece offers.
6. Make a preference order:
It's great to have loads of reading material available to you. But you won't dig into them until the time you actually make an order of what you want to read first. The ones that are not that important can be left aside and only the important ones should be on top of the pile.
7. Choose a pleasurable reading environment:
At times more than what you are reading; where you are reading matters more. It would be great if you can choose a spot or locale where you are most comfortable reading in.
8. Do reach the finish line:
Once you start, make sure you reach the end. Go back to the parts you do not understand, and think deeply about the questions that are raised while you are reading.
9. Read with focus:
The best fruit of reading can be derived if you keep your focus on the books and reading material. The more you concentrate, the better it is. Reading without a purpose makes it a dull activity.
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10. Last but not the least:
Only one thing can make you better at reading: reading more!
Hope the given tips will enhance your reading pace, understanding and provide you with valuable insights for your reference.
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