Grammar Practice Questions - Tenses

DIRECTION for the questions 1 to 20: Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets:
  1. Abdul ___________ to be a doctor. (wants, wanting, is wanting)
  2. The Soup ________ good. (taste, tastes, is tasting)    
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  4. He ______ TV most evening. (watches, is watch, is watching)
  5. He _______ out five minutes ago. (has gone, had gone, went)
  6. When he lived in Hyderabad, he _______ to the cinema once a week. (goes, went, was going)
  7. The baby _______ all morning. (cries, has been crying)
  8. I _______ Rahim at the zoo. (saw, have seen, had seen)
  9. I ______ Kumar this week. (haven't seen, did't see, am not seeing)
  10. This paper _____ twice weekly. (is appearing, appearing, appears)
  11. Ashok fell off the ladder when he ________ the roof. (is mending, was mending, mended)
  12. I _________ something burning. (smell, am smelling, have been smelling)
  13. Look, the sun ______ over the hills. (rises, is rise, is rising)
  14. She ______ unconscious since four o'clock. (is, was, has been)
  1. He used to visit us every week, but he _______ now. (rarely comes, is rarely coming, has rarely come)
  2. I ______ him since we met a year ago. (didn't see, haven't seen, hadn't seen)
  3. We ______ our breakfast half an hour ago. (finished, have finished, had finished)
  4. She jumped off the bus while it _______ . (already started, had already started, would already start)
  5. I ______ for half an hour when it suddenly started to rain. (have walked, have been walking, had been walking)
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  7. Did you think you ______ me somewhere before?. (have seen, had seen, were seeing)
  8. The town _________ its appearance completely since 1980. (is changing, changed, has changed)
1. Wants
2. Tastes
3. Watches
4. Went
5. Went
6. Has been crying
7. Saw
8. Haven't seen
9. Appears
10. Was mending
11. Smell
12. Is rising
13. Has been
14. Rarely comes
15. Haven't seen
16. Finished
17. Had already started
18. Had been walking
19. Had seen
20. Has changed
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