Subject and Object: Practice Exercise

Directions for questions 1-20: Identify the subject and object in the given sentences.
  1. She visits her parents at least once a month.
  2. Ruby loves pancakes.
  3. Suggested Action
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  4. The key is in the drawer.
  5. The teacher is from Canada.
  6. Maria has lost her money.
  7. Sleeping on the floor hurt his back.
  8. In order to prepare for a career in business, Riya studied economics.
  9. She is living in Toronto.
  10. Selena has visited Paris.
  11. Walking long distances improves blood circulation.
  12. A wasp flying around in the garden stung her daughter.
  13. John played many songs on the piano during the party.
  14. She accidentally tore a page in her textbook when her brother startled her.
  1. George walks his dog twice a day.
  2. Even though it was late, Sheena drank coffee.
  3. The kids enjoyed the birthday party.
  4. Anne heard her parents whispering.
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  6. My teacher found a mistake in my essay.
  7. Ron runs in the park.
  8. The teacher wrote the question on the blackboard.
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