Grammar Practice Questions- Question tags

DIRECTIONS for questions: Put a question tag on the end of these sentences.
  1. There are a lot of people here, ________________ ?
  2. Let’s go out tonight, ___________________ ?
  3. Suggested Action
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  4. This isn’t very interesting, _____________ ?
  5. I’m too impatient, ______________ ?
  6. You wouldn’t tell anyone, ________ ?
  7. Listen, ______________ ?
  8. I shouldn’t have lost my temper, _____________ ?
  9. Don’t drop that vase, _____________ ?
  10. He’d never met her before, ____________ ?
DIRECTIONS for questions: Read the situation and write a sentence with a question tag. In each situation you are asking your friend to agree with you.
  1. You’re with a friend outside a restaurant. You’re looking at the prices, which are very high. 
    What do you say? (expensive) It ________________________________
  2. You’ve just come out of the cinema with a friend. You really enjoyed the film. What do you say to your friend? (great)  The film __________________________________
  3. You and a friend are listening to a woman singing. You like her voice very much. What do you say to you friend? (a lovely voice)  She _____________________________
  4. You are trying on a jacket. You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. What do you say to your friend? (not/ look/ very good) It _______________________
  1. Your friend’s hair is much shorter than when you last met. What do you say to her / him?
    (have / your hair / cut) You ___________________
  2. You and a friend are walking over a wooden bridge. It is very old and some parts are broken. What do you say? (not / very safe) This bridge _________________________
DIRECTIONS for questions: In these situations you are asking for information and asking people to do things. Make sentences like those in Section C.
  1. You need a pen. Perhaps Jane has got one. Ask her _________________
  2. Jack is just going out. You want him to get you some stamps. Ask him.
    Jack, you ____________________________
  3. You’re looking for Ann. Perhaps Kate knows where she is. Ask her. 
    Kate, you ______________________________
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  5. You need a bicycle pump. Perhaps Helen has got one. Ask her.
    Helen, _______________________________
  6. You’re looking for your keys. Perhaps Robin has seen them. Ask him.
1. Aren’t there
2. Shall we
3. Is it
4. Aren’t I
5. Would you
6. Will you
7. Should I
8. Will you
9. Had he
10. It’s (very) expensive, isn’t it?
11. The film was great, wasn’t it?
12. She has / She has got / She’s got a lovely voice, hasn’t she? Or She has a lovely voice, doesn’t she?
13. It doesn’t look very good, does it?
14. You’ve had your hair cut, haven’t you?
15. This bridge isn’t very safe, is it?
16. Jane, you haven’t got a pen, have you?
17. Jack, you couldn’t get me some stamps, could you?
18. Kate, you don’t know where Ann is, do you? Or … you haven’t seen Ann, have you?
19. Helen, you haven’t got a bicycle pump, have you? Or … you don’t have a bicycle pump, do you?
20. Robin, you haven’t seen my keys, have you?
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