Grammar Practice Questions - Pronouns

Directions for questions: Fill the blanks with the correct form of pronouns.
  1. We scored as many goals as ____ (they/them).
  2. I am one year older than ____ (he/him).
  3. He is as good a student as ____ (she/her).
  4. Between you and ____ (I/me) he is a liar.
  5. Let ____ (he/him) who can, save her from drowning.
  6. The boy ____ (who/whom) fell off his bicycle has hurt his leg.
  7. I have not seen the girl ____ (whose/whom) suitcase was stolen.
  8. Seema is the maid ____ (who/whom) I have employed.
  9. This is the paragraph about ____ (that/which) the teacher is talking.
  10. The letter ____ (which/what) he wrote reached me late.
  11. The jury has given ____ (its/their) verdict.
  12. The Cabinet gave ____ (their/its) vote.
  13. The Secretary and Treasurer did not do ____ (their/his) job.
  1. Each policeman and each homeguard was at ____ (their/his) post.
  2. Neither John nor Tom has done ____ (their/his) work.
  3. Either the leader or his followers did not do ____ (their/his) duty.
  4. She and I completed ____ (our/ours) work.
  5. Riya and ____ (myself/I) went to Kerela.
  6. He ____ (that/whom) is down need fear no fall.
  7. She ____ (herself/themselves) saw the thief.