Grammar Practice Questions - Nouns

DIRECTIONS for questions: Point out the Nouns in the following sentences, and say whether they are Common, Proper, Collective or Abstract:
  1. The crowd was in large numbers.
  2. Always say the truth
  3. Suggested Action
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  4. We all love loyalty.
  5. Our class consists of twenty-five students
  6. Shankar was known for his wisdom
  7. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  8. We saw a fleet of ships at Pearl harbor.
  9. The Godavary river overflows its banks every year.
  10. A committee of seven was appointed.
  11. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.
  12. The soldiers were rewarded for their bravery.
  13. Without health there is no happiness.
  14. He gave me a bunch of bananas.
  1. I recognized your voice at once.
  2. My team is better than theirs.
  3. Never tell a lie.
  4. Wisdom is better than strength.
  5. He sets a high value on his time.
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  7. This room is thirty feet in length.
  8. The streets of some of our cities are noted for their crookedness.
1. Crowd; Collective Noun
2. Truth; Abstract Noun
3. Loyalty; Abstract Noun
4. Class and students; Countable Noun
5. Shankar; Proper Noun, Wisdom; Abstract Noun
6. Cleanliness and Godliness; abstract
7. Fleet; Collective, Ships; Common and Pearl Harbour; Proper Noun
8. Nile; Proper noun, Banks and Year; Common
9. Committee; Collective Noun
10. Jawaharlal Nehru, India; Proper noun; Prime Minister; Common Noun
11. Soldiers; Common Noun, Bravery; Abstract
12. Health and Happiness; Abstract Noun
13. Bunch; Collective Noun, Bananas; Common Noun
14. Voice; Common Noun
15. Team; Collective Noun
16. Lie; Abstract Noun
17. Wisdom and Strength; Abstract Noun
18. Value and Time; Abstract Noun
19. Room and Feet; Common Noun, Length; Abstract
20. Streets and Cities; Common Noun; Crookedness; Abstract Noun
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