Grammar Practice Questions - Conjunctions

DIRECTIONS for questions: Point out the Conjunctions in the following sentences, and state whether they are Coordinating or Subordinating:
  1. You will not succeed unless you work harder.
  2. I waited till the train arrived.
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  4. You will get the prize if you deserve it.
  5. Do not go before I come.
  6. Since you say so, I must believe it.
  7. I shall be vexed if you do that.
  8. I did not come because you did not call me.
  9. He is richer than I am.
  10. Catch me if you can.
  11. He deserved to succeed, for he worked hard.
DIRECTIONS for questions: Fill the blanks with appropriate Conjunctions:-
  1. Be just ____ fear not.
  2. Make haste, ______ you will be late.
  3. Open rebuke is better ____ secret love.
DIRECTIONS for questions: Fill each blank in the following sentences with an appropriate Conjunction:-
  1. Three _____ three make six.
  2. He will not come _______ it rains.
  3. He was punished, _____ he was guilty.
  4. Karim is tall, _____ Abdul is taller.
  5. Water _______ oil will not mix.
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  7. Man proposes _______ God disposes.
  8. Please write _____ I dictate.
1. Unless
2. Till
3. If
4. Before
5. Since
6. If
7. Because
8. Than
9. If
10. For
11. And
12. Or
13. Than
14. Plus
15. If
16. Since
17. While
18. And
19. But
20. As
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