Grammar Practice Questions - Conditional

Take the given conditional sentences exercise and check your preparation level.
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DIRECTIONS for questions 1-9: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.
  1. It’s been raining ________lunch time.
  2. Tom’s father has been doing the same job ______________20 years.
  3. Have you ever been learning English _______________a long time?
  4. Sarah has lived in London_____________1985.
  5. ________________Christmas, the weather has been quite good.
  6. please hurry up! We’ve been waiting ______________an hour.
  7. Kevin has been looking for a job _____________he left school.
  8. The house is very dirty. We haven’t cleaned it ______________ages.
  9. I haven’t had a good meal ______________last Tuesday.
Examples of conditional sentences using 'when' or 'if':
When I get home this evening. I’m going to have a shower.
If I’m late this evening, don’t wait for me. (not ‘When I’m late’)
We’re going to play tennis if it doesn’t rain. (not ‘when it doesn’t rain’)
Directions for questions 10-17: Put 'if' or 'when'
  1. ______________I’m late this evening, don’t wait for me.
  2. I’m going to do some shopping now. _____________ I come back, we can have lunch.
  3. I’m thinking of going to see Tim. ______ I go, will you come with me?
  4. ____________you don’t want to go out tonight, we can stay at home.
  5. Do you mind ______ I close the window?
  6. John is still at school. _____ he leaves school, he wants to go to university.
  7. Shall we have a picnic tomorrow _______the weather is good?
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  9. We’re going to Madrid next week. We haven’t got anywhere to stay- we hope to find a hotel _____________ we arrive. I don’t know what we’ll do _______________ we don’t find anywhere.
1. since
2. for
3. for
4. since
5. since
6. for
7. since
8. for
9. since
10. If
11. When
12. If
13. If
14. If
15. When
16. If
17. when …..if
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