Grammar Practice Questions - Clauses

DIRECTIONS for questions: Pick out the clause in each of the following sentence, and say what kind of clause it is, and with what word it is connected: -
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Q.1. Where are the people whom I knew?
Q.2. Can a human-being live whose soul is dead?
Q.3. I think that he will pass-out.
Q.4. I want to find the person who did this.
Q.5. He made a vow that he would not eat for a week.
Q.6. Have you heard that Shyam has won the prize?
Q.7. It was not the vizier whom the king suspected.
Q8. He admitted that he wrote the letter.
Q.9. That he will do it, I have no doubt.
Q.10. I know the place which you mention.
Q.11. That such a thing could happen, I do not believe.
Q.12. When he heard this he turned very pale.
Q.13. Have you seen the horse that he has bought?
Q.14. My father hopes that you will visit us.
Q.15. He behaved as a brave man should do.
Q.16. I will wait until the next train comes.
Q.17. The general feared that he would be surrounded.
Q.18. He ate when he was hungry.
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Q.19. Since he has been in hospital he has improved greatly.
Q.20. As I was going in my father came out.
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