Grammar Practice Questions - Adverbs

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 - 8: Choose a verb (Box A) + an adverb (Box B) to complete the sentences
A come know sleep win
explain listen think work
B carefully clearly hard well
carefully easily quickly well
  1. I’m going to tell you something very important, so please ____________
  2. Ann! I need your help. _____________ !
  3. They _____________. At the end of the day they’re always tired.
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  5. I’m tired this morning. I didn’t ____________________ last night.
  6. You’re a much better tennis player than me. When we play, you always _____________
  7. _______________ before you answer the question.
  8. I’ve met Alice a few times but I don’t __________ her very ____________
  9. Our teacher isn’t very good. Sometimes he doesn’t _____________ things very __________
DIRECTIONS for questions 9 – 16: Identify the adverb in the following sentences.
  1. He is little known outside India.
  2. He works hard all day.
  3. You can only guess.
  4. She sings well enough.
  5. He knows me better than you.
  6. I came early this morning.
  7. Arjun writes better than Rama.
  8. Hari writes best of all.
DIRECTIONS for questions 17 – 20: Identify the adverb in the following sentences.
  1. He invited me to visit him (often).
  2. The train has left (just).
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  4. He is in time for meals (never).
  5. That is not good (enough).
1. listen carefully.
2. come quickly
3. work hard
4. sleep well
5. win easily
6. Think carefully
7. know her very well
8. explain things very clearly/well
9. Little
10. Hard
11. Only
12. Well
13. Better
14. Early
15. Better
16. Best
17. He often invited me to visit him
18. The train has just left
19. He is never in time for meals
20. That is not good enough
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