Grammar Practice Questions - Adjectives

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 - 5: Pick out all the Adjectives in the following sentences, and say to which class each of them belongs:-
  1. The ship sustained heavy damage.
  2. A live ass is better than a dead lion.
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  4. I have not seen him for several days.
  5. There should not be much talk and little work.
  6. The child fell down from the great height.
  7. He died a glorious death.
DIRECTIONS for questions 7-9: Supply suitable Adjectives:
  1. The _______ prize was won by a Hindu. (Great/First/One)
  2. Suddenly there arose a _____ storm. (Violent/Many/Great)
  3. Every cloud has a _____ lining. (Silver/First/Foolish)
DIRECTIONS for questions 10 - 16: The words in the box are adjectives (black/foreign etc.) or nouns (air/job etc.) Use an adjective and a noun to complete each sentence.
air clouds foreign holiday job languages sharp
black dangerous fresh hot knife long water
  1. Do you speak any _________?
  2. Look at those _____________. It’s going to rain.
  3. Sue works very hard and she’s very tired. She needs a __________
  4. I want to have a bath but there’s no ____________
  1. Can you open the window? We need some ____________
  2. I need a __________ to cut these onions.
  3. Fire-fighting is a ________________
DIRECTIONS for questions 17 - 20: Complete the sentences using one of the words in the box.
  1. He works very hard. It’s not __________ that he’s always tired. (surprising/surprised)
  2. The teacher’s explanation was ________________. Most of the students didn’t understand it. (Confusing/Confused)
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  4. The lecture was ____________. I fell asleep. (boring/bored)
  5. I’m starting a new job next week. I’m quite _____________ about it. (excited/exciting)
1. Heavy; Descriptive Adjective
2. Live, Dead; Descriptive Adjective
3. Several; Numeral Adjective
4. Much, Little; Indefinite Numeral Adjective
5. Great; Adjective of Quantity
6. Glorious; Descriptive Adjective
7. First; a definite numeral article fits the best here
8. Violent; Descriptive adjective fits here
9. Silver; Although Silver and Foolish are both descriptive adjectives, Silver fits the best here
10. Foreign languages
11. Black clouds
12. Long holiday
13. Hot water
14. Fresh air
15. Sharp knife
16. Dangerous job
17. Surprising
18. Confusing
19. Boring
20. Excited
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