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Decision Making is a critical area in the XAT exam. It basically involves situations in the form of case studies and caselets. Generally, XAT Decision Making questionsare accompanied by multiple courses of action, and you are supposed to identify the appropriate course of action from the available options. These questions are seen as a combination of critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions.

XAT Decision Makingsection is based on ethical dilemmas faced in different management areas - human resource, marketing, administrations, etc. Doubtlessly, this part is unique to the XAT exam as it doesn’t feature in any other entrance test. Besides, unlike other sections, it doesn’t require the use of any standard formulas or tricks.

Decision Making.

This eBook consist of:

  • Introduction to Decision Making
  • Tips to Solve Decision Making Questions
  • Practice Exercises

Download this eBook and start preparing for XAT Decision Making section!

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