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Course Features

Our expert faculty, well researched curriculum, cutting-edge resources, and personalized approach ensure that you are fully equipped to achieve your dream career.

105+ Full Length Tests

480+ Sectional & Topic wise Tests

55+ E-Books, 210+ Videos

165+ Assignments

Session Plan

Our well-researched curriculum and session plan are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer the CAT. With expert guidance and unparalleled resources, you'll be empowered to reach your full potential and achieve your academic goals

Session Details


  • Vedic Maths
  • Doubts - Vedic Maths
  • Numbers - Integers
  • Doubts - Numbers - Integers
  • Numbers - Divisibility
  • Doubts - Numbers - Divisibility
  • HCF, LCM
  • Doubts - HCF, LCM
  • Square Root & Decimal
  • Doubts - Square Root & Decimal
  • Re-Cap Numbers, HCF and Decimals
  • Average
  • Doubts - Average
  • Numbers – Highest Power
  • Doubts - Numbers – Highest Power
  • Numbers - Remainders
  • Doubts - Numbers - Remainders
  • Re-Cap Average & Numbers - HP & Remainders
  • Algebra - Equations
  • Doubts - Algebra - Equations
  • Algebra - Progressions
  • Doubts - Algebra - Progressions
  • Algebra - Inequalities
  • Doubts - Algebra - Inequalities
  • Algebra – Functions
  • Doubts - Algebra – Functions


  • Re-Cap Algebra - Complete
  • Percentage
  • Doubts - Percentage
  • Profit & Loss
  • Doubts - Profit & Loss
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Doubts - Simple & Compound Interest
  • Re-Cap Percentage, Profit & Interest
  • Geometry - Theorems
  • Doubts - Geometry - Theorems
  • Geometry – Triangles
  • Doubts - Geometry – Triangles
  • Geometry – Circles
  • Doubts - Geometry – Circles
  • Co-ordinate Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Doubts - Co-ordinate Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Re-Cap Geometry - Complete
  • Time, Speed & Distance – Trains
  • Doubts - Time, Speed & Distance – Trains
  • Time, Speed & Distance – Boats & Races
  • Doubts - Time, Speed & Distance – Boats & Races
  • Re-Cap Time, Speed & Distance

Session Details


  • Verbal Orientation & WL
  • Doubts - Verbal Orientation & WL
  • Reading Comprehension - I Fundamentals
  • Doubts - Reading Comprehension - I Fundamentals
  • Reading Comprehension - II Question Types
  • Doubts - Reading Comprehension - II Question Types
  • Critical Reasoning - I Fundamentals
  • Doubts - Critical Reasoning - I Fundamentals
  • Critical Reasoning - II Question Types
  • Doubts - Critical Reasoning - II Question Types
  • Para Completion & Summary - I Fundamentals
  • Doubts - Para Completion & Summary - I Fundamentals
  • Para Completion & Summary - II Question Types
  • Doubts - Para Completion & Summary - II Question Types
  • Reading Comprehension - III Practice
  • Doubts - Reading Comprehension - III Practice
  • Re-Cap Analytical Reasoning - Selection and Conditional
  • PD - I Personality Development
  • Doubts - PD - I Personality Development
  • Recap - RC & Critical Reasoning
  • Vocabulary
  • Doubts - Vocabulary
  • Sentence Completion
  • Doubts - Sentence Completion
  • Analogies
  • Doubts - Analogies
  • Sentence Rearrangement & Misfit - I Fundamentals
  • Doubts - Sentence Rearrangement & Misfit - I Fundamentals
  • Sentence Rearrangement & Misfit - II Practice
  • Doubts - Sentence Rearrangement & Misfit - II Practice


  • Recap - Analogies & Sentence Rearrangement
  • PD - II Leadership & Interpersonal Skills
  • Doubts - PD - II Leadership & Interpersonal Skills
  • MRC - Science & Technology
  • Verbal Reasoning - I Arguments & Assumptions
  • Doubts - Verbal Reasoning - I Arguments & Assumptions
  • Verbal Reasoning - II C.O.A & Assertion
  • Doubts - Verbal Reasoning - II C.O.A & Assertion
  • Grammar - I Fundamentals
  • Doubts - Grammar - I Fundamentals
  • Grammar - II Parts of speech
  • Doubts - Grammar - II Parts of speech
  • Grammar - III Practice
  • Doubts - Grammar - III Practice
  • Sentence Correction - I SVA & Modifiers
  • Doubts - Sentence Correction - I SVA & Modifiers
  • Sentence Correction - II Parallelism & Diction
  • Doubts - Sentence Correction - II Parallelism & Diction
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice
  • Doubts - Verbal Reasoning Practice
  • Recap - VR, Grammar & Sentence Correction

Session Details


  • Approximation & Percentage Change
  • Doubts - Approximation & Percentage Change
  • Strategy & Types of Graph
  • Doubts - Strategy & Types of Graph
  • DI - Tables
  • Doubts - DI - Tables
  • DI – Line & Pie Charts
  • Doubts - DI – Line & Pie Charts
  • DI – Bar Diagram
  • Doubts - DI – Bar Diagram
  • Re-Cap DI - Tables, Bar & Line Graphs
  • Analytical Reasoning – Selection
  • Doubts - Analytical Reasoning – Selection
  • Analytical Reasoning – Conditional
  • Doubts - Analytical Reasoning – Conditional
  • Ratio & Partnership
  • Doubts - Ratio & Partnership
  • Alligation & Mixture
  • Doubts - Alligation & Mixture
  • Work & Chain Rule
  • Doubts - Work & Chain Rule
  • Re-Cap Ratio, Mixture & Work
  • Recap - Vocabulary & Sentence Completion
  • Data Sufficiency & Data Comparison
  • Doubts - Data Sufficiency & Data Comparison
  • Syllogism
  • Doubts - Syllogism
  • Binary & Connectives


  • Doubts - Binary & Connectives
  • Re-Cap DS, DC, Syllogism & Connectives
  • Data Caselets
  • Doubts - Data Caselets
  • Data & Reasoning
  • Doubts - Data & Reasoning
  • Venn Diagram
  • Doubts - Venn Diagram
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Doubts - Clocks & Calendars
  • Logs
  • Doubts - Logs
  • Re-Cap Venn Diagram, Clocks and Logs
  • Permutation & Combination – General
  • Doubts - Permutation & Combination – General
  • Permutation & Combination – Integral
  • Doubts - Permutation & Combination – Integral
  • Probability
  • Doubts - Probability
  • Re-Cap P & C and Probability

Session Details

Test Series

  • WIN CAT 01 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 02 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 03 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 04 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 05 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 06 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 07 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 08 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 09 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 10 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 11 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 12 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 13 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 14 (2024)


  • WIN CAT 15 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 16 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 17 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 18 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 19 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 20 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 21 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 22 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 23 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 24 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 25 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 26 (2024)
  • WIN CAT 27 (2024)

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Best CAT Online Coaching

Join India’s Undisputed Leader in CAT Prep

Best CAT Coaching Online in India

Before committing to a CAT online classroom program candidates should make their selection carefully given the rigorous nature of the CAT exam and its requirement for top notch education. Hitbullseye is at the forefront with its specialized online CAT courses and classes providing learners access to premier education from the best mentors in the country with 20+ years of expertise at the lowest cost. Our faculty includes IITians, IIMians and industry experts. Additionally the trend towards CAT online coaching for exam preparation has seen a significant rise lately with these digital classes providing the advantage of flexibility and the convenience of studying from home .

CAT Coaching Online or Offline

Offline CAT preparation may have limitations such as a scarcity of study materials and mock tests. However Hitbullseye’s online CAT online classroom program provides a superior and comprehensive approach to preparation. With our online platform, you can benefit from abundant and well-curated study materials curated by esteemed mentors from IITs, IIMs and industry experts. Our interactive online classes are conducted by exceptional instructors who are experienced in guiding students toward success in CAT exams. Additionally our program offers extensive mock tests that simulate the real exam environment allowing you to gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement.

We also provide dedicated doubt-clearing sessions where our faculty addresses any queries or concerns you may have.

CAT Coaching Online Fees

Hitbullseye’s CAT online coaching platform offers cost-effective CAT online classes with complete courses inclusive of well-researched test series and mocks, exclusive live classes from experienced mentors and other resources like e-books, videos, assignments and more. Additionally dedicated doubt-clearing sessions are available to help students tackle specific challenges and queries. We also provide dedicated Telegram and WhatsApp groups for efficient communication. Our experts also offer CAT college counselling help along with assistance in form filling for your dream b-school.

CAT Online Coaching Features

Experience an enhanced learning journey with our CAT Online Classroom, featuring a comprehensive range of program features meticulously designed to elevate your learning experience.

  • Experience expert-led live classes and enjoy the convenience of accessing recorded sessions anytime, anywhere. Enhance your flexibility and maximise learning opportunities with unlimited access.
  • Our live classes come with a special feature of a 2+2 academic model which comes with pre-class, during-class and after-class resources to provide a unique learning experience to the students.
  • Well-researched and expertly curated test series that are exact replicas of the actual CAT exam.
  • Our test series are powered by individual AI-based test analytics that enables deep-dive assessment of the preparation levels.
  • Our study material is tailored keeping in mind the test pattern, level of difficulty and the trend of the exam in the past years.
  • Besides this Hitbullseye also conducts special doubt sessions after every class is conducted to redeem and queries or doubts put up by the students.
  • Get expert guidance regarding the college selection and assistance with form filling.

Study Material by Best CAT Online Classroom

Embark on a journey of learning with our expert-led live classes. Enjoy the convenience of revisiting recorded sessions at your leisure, ensuring that education adapts to your lifestyle. With unrestricted access our innovative 2+2 academic model enriches your learning experience. It provides comprehensive pre-class, in-class and post-class resources. We offer a meticulously crafted test series to mirror the actual CAT exam. These are complemented by AI-driven analytics for a detailed evaluation of your preparedness. Our study materials are custom-made to reflect the exam's pattern, difficulty and historical trends. Additionally Hitbullseye organises exclusive doubt-clearing sessions after each class to resolve any student inquiries. Moreover receive professional advice on choosing the right college and get support throughout the application process.

Benefits of CAT Coaching Online

CAT online coaching provides numerous benefits that can significantly enhance a student's preparation for the CAT exam. Here are some key advantages:

  • Expert-Led Live Classes: You can learn from top faculty in real time.
  • Recorded Sessions: You can watch lessons again for better understanding.
  • 2+2 Academic Model: Benefit from resources provided before, during and after classes.
  • Practice Tests: Take exams designed to replicate actual CAT for effective practice.
  • AI Analytics: Use smart technology to analyse your performance and identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Study Materials: Study with comprehensive material that match the latest exam patterns and difficulties
  • Doubt-Clearing Sessions: Have your doubts answered promptly after each class.
  • College Selection Guidance: Get expert advice on choosing the right college.
  • Application Assistance: Receive assistance with the college application process.
  • Flexible Learning: Fit your CAT prep around your schedule with our flexible online coaching.

CAT 2024 Exam Details

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is an essential entry requirement for MBA programs at all 21 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and numerous leading B-schools across India.

  • CAT 2024 Exam Pattern CAT is going to be a computer-based examination consisting of three segments: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Aptitude (QA) containing 66 questions in total.
  • CAT2024 Exam Syllabus Over the last five years the syllabus for the CAT exam has evolved though it is not explicitly defined by the IIMs. The test evaluates candidates' skills in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.
  • CAT 2024 Exam Date The CAT organized by the IIMs is expected to be conducted on the last Sunday of November, i.e., 24th November 2024. It will be performed in three two-hour slots throughout the day.
  • CAT 2024 Entrance Exam Sessions Expect the CAT entrance examination to occur in three different sessions: morning, afternoon, and evening, all on the same day.

CAT Online Coaching by Hitbullseye

Hitbullseye's CAT online coaching program is meticulously designed to provide students with an authentic classroom experience, offering both flexibility and convenience. Our revolutionary 2+2 teaching model comprising pre-class, in-class and after-class resources helps in effective learning and absolute concept clarity. The course is a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions, ensuring that students can access the material at their own pace. The recorded lectures can be revisited multiple times allowing for thorough understanding. Moreover we conduct live doubt-clearing sessions where students can ask questions and receive instant answers from our experienced instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students receive 1000s of calls from Top Colleges every year. You can be the next one!

Hitbullseyes CAT online coaching program is distinguished by its meticulously crafted 2+2 teaching model providing comprehensive learning resources before during and after classes to ensure absolute clarity of concepts
Hitbullseyes CAT online coaching program boasts a team of distinguished instructors. This talented group comprises IITians, IIMians and industry experts each with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 20 years.
Online CAT coaching offers numerous benefits including access to a wealth of study materials, comprehensive mock tests that replicate the real exam environment and the convenience of studying from the comfort of your home
Experience Hitbullseyes CAT online coaching platform where you will find a wealth of resources to achieve your goals. Benefit from expert-led live classes, unlimited access to recorded sessions, a comprehensive 2+2 academic model with pre-class, in-class and after-class support, meticulously designed test series, AI-driven test analytics, tailored study materials, doubt-clearing sessions and personalized guidance for college selection and application assistance.
The CAT 2024 exam is a CBT that comprises three sections: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA). In total there are 66 questions across these sections.
The CAT 2024 exam is scheduled for November 24th 2024 which falls on the last Sunday of November. The exam will be conducted in three two-hour slots throughout the day.
The CAT 2024 exam is anticipated to consist of three sessions: morning, afternoon and evening all held on the same day. Let's get ready for this comprehensive assessment!

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