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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” This quote by Walt Disney aptly describes a CAT aspirant’s journey.

It is definitely not possible to prepare for CAT without proper knowledge of important topics. The verbal section of CAT is aptly set to check your language and comprehension skills. Among its frequently asked topics, Sentence Rearrangement is one such area that calls for a smart strategy.

Sentence Rearrangement questions also appear in the form of parajumbles in CAT Verbal Ability section.To help you understand the topic and its significance, we have compiled a well-researched and comprehensive eBook.

The focus of this eBook is to provide you with a systematic and step-by-step approach to master Sentence Rearrangement and parajumbles for CAT. It is imperative for you to learn about this topic to get a good score in the verbal section.

This eBook contains

  • The relevance of Sentence Rearrangement and Parajumbles
  • Techniques to solve Sentence Rearrangement and Parajumble questions
  • Tips and strategies to handle various question types

So, download this eBook and learn how to nailsentence rearrangement and para-jumbles!

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