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Critical Reasoning forms an important area of CAT verbal ability and similar sections of other entrance exams. In this, you are required or need to decipher information from a given passage.CR mainly comprises questions based on identifying assumptions, strengthening and weakening of arguments. Using the required tricks and strategies to handle CR questions, you can greatly enhance your score in the verbal section.

While this topic is a little complex to handle, it makes a frequent appearance amongCAT verbal questions. So, how do you go about it?

For this, we have devised an eBook that covers all essential aspects and types of Critical Reasoning questions. Along with the conceptual knowledge, you will get to practice the common CR questions in this eBook.

The eBook consists of:

  • Critical Reasoning concept
  • Identifying Conclusions
  • Fallacies and its types
  • Technique for CR
  • CR Question Types
  • Practice Tests with answers and explanations

Download the eBook and get started on Critical Reasoning!

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