Medium Mathematical Puzzles - 4

Mathematical riddles and puzzles form an essential part of many competitive exams. These are mostly based on the concepts of algebra, arithmetic, ratio & proportion or picture puzzles. Here is a compilation of some of the best math puzzles grouped according to their level of difficulty. Each article contains a set of 10 maths riddles and puzzles with answers. In this article, you will come across medium level puzzles devised to hone your mental aptitude.
Practice these questions and check your mental abilities:
Q.1.There is a big sports room with 100 lockers, numbered sequentially from 1 to 100. Any locker can be either open or closed. Initially all the lockers are closed. The first sportsman who walks down the room opens every locker. The second sportsman closes every second locker. The third sportsman flips every third door, opening some that are closed, and closing others, which were open. The fourth sportsman flips every fourth door, and so on. After 100 sportsmen have passed down the room, how many lockers are still open?
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Q.2.Use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to satisfy the given equations.
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Q.3.A Pizza delivery boy named Mahesh wanted to give 20 pizzas to the office. He had bags which can carry a maximum of 10 pizzas. There were ten guards standing at different positions near the office. Each guard would take one pizza from each of the bag. (i.e. if the Delivery boy carries 2 bags, and there are say 10 pizzas in each bag, the first guard would take 1 from each bag i.e. total of 2. And all other guards would do this.) In order to give 20 pizzas to the office, how any minimum pizzas the delivery boy should carry?
  1. 20
  2. 132
  3. 66
  4. 99
Explain your answer
Q.4.I have a half-cup of tea and a half-cup of coffee. I take one teaspoon of tea and mix it with my coffee, then I take one teaspoon of this mixture and mix it with the tea. Which cup contains more of its original contents?
Q.5.When the units and tens digits of a certain two-digit number are reversed, the sum of the two numbers is 121 and the difference is 9. What is the tens digit of the original number?
  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 6
  5. 7
Q.6.When a student weighing 54 kg left a class, the average weight of the remaining 59 students increased by 100g. What is the average weight of the remaining 59 students?
Q.7.A man is paid Rs. 240 plus one coat for one year service. However he left after 9 months and receives Rs. 150 and a coat. Then find the price of the coat.
Q.8.Albert fired 5 shots and scored 120 points. All the shots were on target. Which targets did the shots land on?
Q.9.Can you plug in either addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), division (/) and parenthesis among five number 7s to make a target result number 50?
7 7 7 7 7 = 50
Q.10.Pooja went to Singapore with her husband. It rained for 13 days. But when it rained in the morning, the afternoon was lovely. And when it rained in the afternoon, the day was preceded by clear morning.
Altogether there were 11 very nice mornings and 12 very nice afternoons. How many days did their holiday last?
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