LLM Preparation

Are you also looking forward to pursuing LLM? If yes, you must be working hard to get through the LLM entrances. Since many law aspirants appear for the exam, the competition level is high. Thus, your preparation should be done right to crack the exam. 

While preparing for any entrance exam, what matters is your application strategy. So to help you strategise your preparation, our esteemed faculty has curated LLM Preparation tips and strategies that will help you succeed in the exam. These tips and strategies suggested by the faculty are tried and tested. Besides, some points focus on what not to do while preparing for the LLM entrance exam. So keeping all the tips in mind, let us first discuss what you should avoid –

  • Achieving a great score in CLAT requires good preparation and dedication as each student is starting from a different level and has different areas of interest. Since there are different laws to be studied, so the level of difficulty is different for all. Thus, it is advised that the candidate must focus on polishing their stronger areas and work on weaker ones. 

  • Following a mentor is right, but blindly following might not work. Everybody follows a different approach, but take it what suits your comfort. You know your strengths and weakness better than any other person. Focus on planning your plan of action, which will help you study based on your needs. 

  • While preparing for LLM entrance exams, do not follow one study pattern. Make your preparation fun, as it motivates you and helps you stay focused. Always be the one to gain knowledge and learn about the latest issues, which will help you build your skills. 

  • Do not start studying all the subjects at once. Start with one section at a time, which will focus on concept building and won't be stressful. If you are studying the latest judgements, then study them properly. One pro tip –be through with the landmark cases, as most of the questions in the exam are based on it. 

  • Do not leave any section thinking you are weak in it. All of the sections of the LLM entrance exam are important. Strengthen the areas you are good at and improve in the weaker areas. Since there is negative marking, you have to be serious about answering the questions as guesswork might not always help. So focus on questions you know first and then come to the ones that are hard to answer. 

Knowing what to do and what not while preparing is important, as it helps in strategic planning for the exam. Let us now focus on the important tips and strategies that will surely be a plus point in your LLM entrance exam. 

  • Have a proper study plan – You must plan your study strategies based on your needs and comfort. Focus on small targets, as it is easy to achieve them and helps in faster learning and completion of the syllabus. Planning out a practical study plan will help you get good scores, better understand the concepts, and prepare well. 

  • Previous Year Papers – It is one of the most important parts of your preparation strategies. Past year question papers always help understand the exam, previous trends, question and marks distribution, important sections and much more. Thus, if you keep solving previous year's papers, most of your doubts are cleared.

  • Make a list of your progress – Make a habit of analysing your performance. As you are preparing for the exam, keep track of the topics you have done and the remaining syllabus. You can mention areas that you need to focus more on and your strength areas in this list. 

  • Time Management – Another factor that is quite important in your preparation. Sitting with one question and spending hours on the solution will not help. You have to work on your speed as well as time management. Solve timed mock tests and sample papers to improve your time management skills as you have to manage around 200 questions in 2 hours. 

  • Keep Practicing – If you keep practising mocks, sample papers and previous year papers, it will help you achieve a seat in the prestigious LLM colleges and universities. Do not be sad if you get low scores in mocks. You can keep practising and give your best. 

Is there still anything? Well, all of the preparation strategies have been covered. I would again say take what suits your comfort and knowledge. These tips will surely help you in succeeding in the LLM entrance test. So follow what helps you in the right planning and studies. 

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