GMAT Mock Test 2024

“Practice is the best of all instructors.” ~PubliusSyrus
Once you are thorough with all the important topics, it’s time to check your preparation through GMAT mock test.
While you shouldn’t judge yourself harshly in the initial attempts, you must never avoid practicing. Gone are the days when you used to get a set of practice tests in paperback format only. Nowadays, you can get a complete feel of the actual exam conditions through online mock tests. However, the crucial thing is to go for updated mocks only.
Here, you can access GMAT mock test free for the aspirants. Our mocks are followed by an accurate and comprehensive analysis that will help you devise an appropriate exam strategy.
GMAT Mock Test 2024
Our mocks are prepared by experts with considerable experience and knowledge. After the test, you can study the detailed analysis and assess your performance.
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How to Analyse your Test
As they say, “The more reflective you are, the more effective you become.”
So, the foremost task after taking a mock test is to analyse your performance. Unless you study the test analysis, you will not know which parts you still need to work on. In other words, a good analysis is the path to a better performance and a higher score in the test. These given steps will help you in learning from your mistakes and boost your score in GMAT mock tests:
  1. Score Evaluation:Once you have completed the test, proceed to checking your scores. The first thing is to check whether or not you have achieved close to your set target. If you have just started taking mock tests, you should ideally aim for a decent score, rather than a top one. Thereafter, you can keep escalating your target with every mock test.
  2. Time-wise Analysis:Now, look for the areas where you spent the maximum amount of time. This includes the questions you got correct, incorrect and the unattempted ones. At the same time, you may also want to see the questions you solved right in the least amount of time. This way, you know the areas where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  3. Learning: The next step is to learn the better way of solving the questions where you lag. Then, you may try to attempt these types of questions in the given way.
  4. Strategy Building: Now that you become aware of your weak and strong areas, draw up a strategy for the next time. Simply putting, you must go for your quickest and strongest areas first and set time-limits for different types of questions.
Did you know: Less than 10% of the GMAT takers achieve a score of 720 and above.
Benefits of Taking GMAT Mock Test
GMAT is said to have a high level of difficulty across all sections. The exam is taken by lakhs of candidates every year. So, it is incumbent for the aspirants to prepare well in order to get a good score. Listed below are the main advantages of taking GMAT mock tests:
  • Help you in understanding the exam pattern and the different kinds of questions that you can expect.
  • Let you try various strategies every time, so that you can come up with the one that works best.
  • Give you the chance to improvise and improve your performance and accuracy in all areas.
  • Make you learn how to manage time in different sections and question types.
  • Prepare you for the real-time exam environment and conditions.
Last, but not the least, mock tests make you confident and keep you motivated for the exam day.
Hitbullseye’s free GMAT Mock tests will give you a proper insight of the exam, and it is computer-adaptive just as the one conducted by GMAC.
About GMAT
GMAT is one of the most influential management admission tests developed and administered by GMAC. The exam is trusted by the top business schools globally for admission decisions. The objective of GMAT is to test your ability to evaluate and analyze arguments/ statements, think critically, and solve problems within time restraints. This computer-adaptive exam judges your command over topics like algebra, geometry, basic arithmetic, grammar, and multi-source data analysis.

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