List of Word Roots - 22

List of Word Roots
Word root/ prefix Root Meaning Words based on the Root
Soph Wise Philosopher - A wise person.
Sophisticated - Wise about the ways of the world.
Sophism - A clever but misleading argument.
Spec/t, See, look Circumspect - Cautious, looking all around.
Retrospective - A looking back at past things.
Spectator - A person who sees an event.
Sphere Ball Biosphere - The whole round surface of the earth.
Hemisphere - Half the earth spherically shaped like a ball.
Spir Breathe Inspire - To stimulate or animate.
Transpire - To give of vapor with waste product through the skin or a membrane.
Spirit - Invisible life force.
Techno Technique, skill Technology - The practical application of knowledge.
Technocracy - Rule of technology.
Technologically - Characterized by technology.
The above given highlights how you can learn multiple words from the same root. Effectively, you can build groups on the basis of word roots and use these to learn multiple words at the same time.
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