List of Word Roots - 7

List of Word Roots 
Word root/prefix Root Meaning Words based on the Root
Endo within, inside Endotherm - a creature that can keep its inside temperature fairly constant
Endocrine - relating to glands that secrete directly into the blood or lymph
Endogamy - the custom to marry within one's clan, tribe etc.
Enn/i, anni years Bicentennial - of or relating to an age or period of 200 years
Centennial - of or relating to an age or period of 100 years
Perennial - lasting through many years.
Ep/i on, upon, over, Epidemic - the rapid spread of something negative
Epilogue - a short speech delivered after a play
Epicenter - the centre of an earthquake.
Equ/i equal, equally Equidistant - an equal distance from two points
Equanimity - calm temperament, evenness of temper
Equation - a statement of equality.
Erg/o work Ergonomics - study of the working environment
Energy - the power to accomplish work
Energetics - science that looks at energy and its transformation.
The above table highlights how you can learn multiple words from the same root. Effectively, you can build groups on the basis of word roots and use these to learn multiple words at the same time.
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