List of Word Roots - 15

List of Word Roots
Word root/ prefix Root Meaning Words based on the Root
Numer Number Enumerate - to mention a number of items on a list
Numerology - the study of magical uses of numbers
Numerous - a large number.
Oct/a/o eight Octagon - a figure with 8 sides and 8 angles
Octogenarian - person in his or her 80s
Octopus - sea animal with 8 arms.
Omni all Omnipotent - with all the power
Omniscient - knowing all things
Omnivorous - eating all foods.
Opt best Optimal - the best, the most desirable
Optimize - to make the best of
Optimum - the best something could be
Ortho straight Orthodontist - a dentist that straightens teeth
Orthopedic - a doctor concerned with the proper alignment of the bones
Orthography - the correct way of writing.
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