List of Word Roots - 10

List of Word Roots
Word root/ prefix Root Meaning Words based on the Root
Homo, homeo like, alike, same Homogeneous - of the same nature or kind
Homonym - sounding alike
Homeopathy - a therapy that is based on treating "same with same"
Hyp/o under Hypoglycemia - an abnormally low level of sugar in the blood
Hypothermia - abnormally low body temperature
Hypothesis - a theory that is unproven but used under the assumption that it is true.
Hyper too much, over, excessive, beyond Hyperactive - very restless
Hypercritical - too critical
Hypertension - above normal pressure.
Icon/o image Icon - an (often religious) image, in modern usage a simplified graphic of high symbolic content
Iconology - science of symbols and icons
Iconoclast - someone who destroys religious images and traditional beliefs.
Idio peculiar, personal, distinct Idiomatic - Peculiar to a particular language.
Idiosyncrasy - a physical or mental characteristic typical or a particular person
Idiot - someone who is distinctly foolish or stupid.
The above table highlights how you can learn multiple words from the same root. Effectively, you can build groups on the basis of word roots and use these to learn multiple words at the same time.
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