Phrases and Clauses

Phrases and Clauses form important parts of English grammar. In this article, we will explore different types of phrases and clauses along with examples.
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Clauses: A clause is a part of the sentence or an independent sentence, which contains a verb in it.
For example:
  1. When soldiers go marching in.
  2. Because he laughed at her.
Types of Clauses:
1. Main Clause: a main clause is the part of every sentence, especially compound and complex sentences. A compound sentence is formed of two or more clauses which are linked together using conjunctions.
For example:
she was born in india(Main clause) but her mother is from china(main clause).
2. Subordinate Clause: Subordinate clause, also called the dependent clause, could be independent clauses or main clause but they start with words like after, even, though etc. Main clause along with the subordinate clause make the complex sentence.
For example:
After we had dinner(Main clause), we went home(subordinate clause).
There are two different types of Subordinate Clauses:
1. Conditional Clause: the clause which usually begins with if and unless.
For example: I’ll be home by tomorrow, if the plane is on time.
2. Relative Clause: a clause which is connected to the main clause with the words like with, that, whom, where, when and who etc.
For example: I saw her first in London where I lived in the eighties.
Phrases:  A phrase is a small group of words that forms a meaningful unit within a clause.
Different types of Phrases:
1. Noun Phrase: a phrase built around a single noun.
For example:  a vase of daisies stood on the table
2. Verb Phrase:  this is the phrase that is built around the verb found in a clause.
For example:  she had been living in New York.
3. Adjective Phrase: this is the phrase that is built around the adjective found in the sentence.
For example: a lot of kids are really keen on cricket.
4. Adverbial Phrase: this is the phrase which is built around the adverb found in the sentence.
For example: the economy recovered very slowly.
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5. Prepositional Phrase: this is the phrase that is built around the preposition.
For example:  I longed to live near the sea.
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