Grammar Practice Questions - Phrases

DIRECTIONS for questions: Pick out the Phrases and say whether they are Adjective Phrases, Adverb Phrases, or Noun Phrases:-
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Q.1. He speaks like a born orator.
Q.2. It grieved me to hear of your illness
Q.3. Beyond a doubt this man is honest.
Q.4. He failed in spite of his best efforts.
Q.5. He won the prize by means of trickery.
Q.6. Do not talk like that.
Q.7. I have forgotten how to play this game
Q8. He gained their affection in spite of many faults.
Q.9. I do not expect such treatment at your hands.
Q.10. He speaks too fast to be understood.
Q.11. He keeps the necklace under lock and key.
Q.12. He is a person of no importance.
Q.13. I want to go the cinema today.
Q.14. I love to hear the watch-dog’s honest bark.
Q.15. I did it of my own free will.
Q.16. Show me how to do it.
Q.17. His car ran over a dog.
Q.18. Things are in a bad way.
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Q.19. She is a woman of wonderful patience.
Q.20. I have found the key to his secret.
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