One Word Substitution - Practice Questions

DIRECTIONS for the question 1 - 15: Choose an option, which can be substituted for a given word/sentence/phrase out of given options.
Question No. : 1
A person who thinks only of himself
  1. Egoist
  2. eccentric
  3. proud
  4. boaster
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Egoist means a person who is preoccupied with his own interests. Eccentric means irregular, erractic or peculiar.
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Question No. : 2
Ram speaks less in the forum. Ram is
  1. unintelligible
  2. reticent
  3. garrulous
  4. banal
Answer: Option B
Explanation:- Not open or communicative is reticent.A garrulous person is excessively talkative. A banal remark is devoid of freshness or originality.
Question No. : 3
Savitri travels by foot. She is a
  1. traveller
  2. stickler
  3. disciplinarian
  4. pedestrian
Answer: Option D
Explanation:- Pedestrian means walker.Stickler means a person who insists on a certain quality or type of behaviour.
Question No. : 4
In Magadh there was the government by a king or queen
  1. democratic
  2. monarchy
  3. plutocracy
  4. autocracy
Answer: Option B
Explanation:- Monarchy means a country reigned over by a king, it can also be understood as hereditary autocracy. Plutocracy means a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.Autocracy means a form of government in which one person has complete power.
Question No. : 5
This is a practice of having several wives.
  1. polygamy
  2. dotage
  3. monogamy
  4. bigamy
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Polygamy is having several wives. Bigamy is being married to more than one person at the same time. Dotage means a decline of mental faculties. Monogamy means the practice of being married to only one person at a time.
Question No. : 6
A life history written by somebody else
  1. biography
  2. autobiography
  3. anthropology
  4. ornithology
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Biography is an account of the series of events making up a person's life.Autobiography is a book about your life that you write yourself.The scientific studies of birds is called orinthology.The study of human societies, customs and beliefs is called anthropology.
Question No. : 7
The act of murder of a human being.
  1. matricide
  2. patricide
  3. homicide
  4. suicide
Answer: Option C
Explanation:- Homicide means the killing of a human being by another person.The crime of killing your mother is termed as matricide.The crime of killing your father is called patricide.
Question No. : 8
Something that cannot be imitated.
  1. Inimitable
  2. inevitable 
  3. duplicity
  4. inexplicable
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Incapable of being duplicated or imitated; unique is inimitable.The word duplicity means dishonest behaviour that is intended to trick someone.Something that is impossible to explain is called inexplicable and something that is impossible to avoid or prevent is termed as inevitable.
Question No. : 9
Gayatri doesn't know how to read and write .Her friends call her ..
  1. Illiterate
  2. invulnerable
  3. blindfolded
  4. headstrong
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Someone who is illitrate cannot read or write.Being blindfolded means to impair the awareness or clear thinking of. Headstrong means determined to do what you want even if other people warn you not to do it.Invulnerable means impossible to defeat or harm.
Question No. : 10
Study of birds
  1. ornithology
  2. anthropology
  3. zoology
  4. numismatics
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Ornithology is the study of birds.The study and collection of coins and medals is called numismatics.Zoology is the scientific study of animals. Anthropology is study of human customs and beliefs.
Question No. : 11
A thing no longer in use
  1. redundant
  2. obsolete
  3. sick
  4. obnoxious
Answer: Option B
Explanation:- Obsolete means out of date; unfashionable or outmoded.Redundant means being in excess.Obnoxious means very rude or unpleasant.
Question No. : 12
Words written on the tomb of a person
  1. manuscript
  2. inscription
  3. Epitaph
  4. engrave
Answer: Option C
Explanation:- An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried is called as an epitaph.Manuscript is an old book written by hand.Inscription means a piece of writting written or cut on especially as a record of an achievement.
Question No. : 13
Rohit is greedy for money. His collegues call him
  1. avaricious
  2. spendthrift
  3. splendid
  4. cynic
Answer: Option A
Explanation:- Avaricious is immoderately desirous of wealth or gain; greedy. Spendthrift is a person who spends money or possessions extravagantly. Cynic is a person who thinks that people think only about themselves and are not sincere or honest. Splendid is big and pompous.
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Question No. : 14
A person who insists on something
  1. Disciplinarian
  2. Stickler
  3. Instantaneous
  4. Boaster
Answer: Option B
Explanation:- Stickler is someone who insists on something; "a stickler for promptness"
Question No. : 15
A person who hates women
  1. cruel
  2. misogynist
  3. misanthropist
  4. philanthropist
Answer: Option B
Explanation:- One who hates women is misogynist.A hater of humankind is called misanthropist.A person who practices philanthropy is called philanthropist.Philanthropy means the belief that you should help people, especially by giving money to those who need it.
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