Cloze Test: Practice Problems - 2

DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 15: The passage given contains blanks, choose the best choice in each case from the words in the options and mark your answer accordingly.
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Womanism is a gentler and less (1) form for feminism. It is about women (2) themselves as their own person too, who want their space and place. They want to be productive and do something worthwhile and remunerative. Most importantly, they want their (3) to count, (4) their own time, and look after their own interests. They do not see any glory in self denial. It marks a change in mindset of women rather (5) in behavior- yet another example of morphing change that is the (6) of Consumer India. It represents a change in the (7) of women towards themselves and their role in their world, and not just a change in how they dress or carry out their household chores. In fact, as one researcher put it, even for the most forward-looking Indian woman, the mental emancipation achieved in the past few years has been far greater than physical emancipation. Which is another reason why this change is not easy to see, but will (8) sustainable behavior change over the next few generations? This is the slow but (9) wave of change happening in India. Women are on the (10) inching their way away from being-doormats, away from the socially ordained straitjacket that Hindi movies of yesteryear so glorified.
    1. individualistic
    2. rustic
    3. moralistic
    4. superior
    5. opportunistic
  1. The driver was blowing the horn.
    1. answering
    2. asserting
    3. opposing
    4. minding
    5. according
    1. answers
    2. positions
    3. opinion
    4. hobbies
    5. interest
    1. price
    2. value
    3. morals
    4. mark
    5. importance
    1. then
    2. even
    3. on
    4. in
    5. than
    1. hallmark
    2. mark
    3. setting
    4. authority
    5. domain
    2. scenario
    3. attitude
    4. dynamics
    5. field
    1. improve
    2. see
    3. view
    4. drive
    5. prohibit
    1. definite
    2. higher
    3. increasing
    4. plummet
    5. downfall
    1. raise
    2. move
    3. platform
    4. pedestal
    5. pedestal
All writers are narcissistic, egoistic or we can say in a very real sense, the writer writes in order to teach himself, to understand himself, to satisfy himself and at the very .....11..... of their motives there lies an element of mystery. Writing a book is taxing and an exhausting struggle, like a long .....12..... of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one was not ....13..... by some demon whom one can neither .....14..... nor understand. For all one knows that demon is simply the same.....15..... that makes a baby squall for attention.
  1. All trust an honest person.
    1. mention
    2. bottom
    3. place
    4. consideration
    5. top
  2. In winter people do not take a bath.
    1. bout
    2. feeling
    3. source
    4. Condition
    5. origin
    1. driving but
    2. drive for
    3. driven on
    4. driven at
    5. driven at
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    1. help
    2. resist
    3. like
    4. tolerate
    5. allow
    1. loss
    2. sense
    3. desire
    4. Innate
    5. aspirations
Cloze Test – 1
1. A The word that best fits in is “Individualistic” as the introductory line is discussing about ‘womanism and its form’
2. B When one ‘asserts’ oneself it means that one is stating something with assurance as the context says that 'women want to do something productive and renumerative. The rest of the options do not fit in the context
3. C In this blank, the author is referring to the point of view of women or their opinions and they want their opinion to be counted.
4. B According to the sentence, we give importance to time or in other words ‘value’ our time. The other options do not fit.
5. E The correct expression is ‘rather than’ which shows comparison and preference. Other words cannot be used for comparison.
6. E 'Domain' is an area or territory as the context now focusses on area of consumers.
7. C The point of view has changed or we can put it as the change in attitude of the women towards themselves.
8. D According to the sentence, the mental emancipation will be the compelling force behind sustainable behavior change over the next few generations. So the right answer choice is 'drive' (to force into a particular act).
9. A The clue word here is ‘but’ which brings us to the correct answer. 'Definite' means clearly stated or decided. So 'definite' is the appropriate answer.
10. B Here the clue is in the words “inching their way” which means they are progressing. This sense is conveyed by the word ‘move’.
11. B The option 'bottom' aptly captures the idea as the word means “fundamental”.
12. A The meaning of the word ‘bout’ is period of time or spell (a bout of fever).
13. D The phrase ‘driven at’ means to attempt or intend to convey.
Option A is inappropriate.
Option B drive for is incorrect usage.
Option C driven on is idiomatically wrong
Option D driven at means to push
Option E drawn at means directed towards
14. B We need to choose a positive word because this blank is preceded by neither. The best option that satisfies this and fits in contextually is like.
15. C The word ‘desire’ means to wish or long for.
innate means by birth
aspirations - hope of achieving something
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