Bar Graph Questions: Level 03

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 - 5: Refer to the following bar graph of monthly cumulative sales over the last three years of star budget.
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Bar Graph Questions Level 01
  1. If the sales of three consecutive years are steadily increasing or steadily decreasing, then it is called a steady trend. The only months in which increasing steady trend is observed are
    A. March & June
    B. Jan & June
    C. April & March
    D. Feb & May
  2. In 2000, the ratio of actual to budget was highest in the month of
    A. Jan
    B. Feb
    C. Mar
    D. Apr
  3. Total approximate growth in sales in year 1999, over the previous year was
    A. 20%
    B. 25%
    C. -15%
    D. -18%
  4. The annual budget for 2000 was achieved during
    A. May
    B. June
    C. July
    D. August
  5. Predictor is the ratio of sales during Jan-Mar quarter to annual sales (budgeted for current year & actual for previous years). The predictor was highest in
    A. 1998
    B. 1999
    C. 2000
    D. Can't say
  • Quick Review: Graph and its types
DIRECTIONS for questions 6 – 10: Refer to the following graph related to the percentage of persons over 25 years of age and with more than 4 years college education living in country X. Bar Graph Questions Level 01
  1. What percentage of persons of 25 and over completed 4 years of college or more in 1970?
    A. 7%
    B. 10%
    C. 11%
    D. 12.5%
  2. What was the average percentage increase per year from 1970 to 1980?
    A. 0.5%
    B. 5%
    C. 0.7%
    D. 2%
  3. If in 1987, a typical state had 125,000 persons of 25 and over with 4 years of college or more. What population of the state was 25 and over?
    A. 375,000
    B. 475,000
    C. 625,000
    D. 525,000
  4. What was the percent increase in the percentage of persons of 25 and over completing 4 years of college or more between 1960 and 1989?
    A. 100%
    B. 150%
    C. 200%
    D. 300%
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  6. If some other country had three times as many people of 25 and over in 1989 as the country X with the same number of persons completing 4 years of college or more, what percentage of that country’s people of 25 and over would complete college?
    A. 7%
    B. 5%
    C. 9%
    D. Can't say
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