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CUET Psychology Syllabus

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The syllabus for the psychology domain may be found on the official website of CUET 2023 when available. In this article, we have shared the CUET Psychology syllabus. It includes all the important topics like –Psychological Attributes, Self and Personality, Meeting Life Challenges, and Psychological Disorders are only a few of the topics covered in the CUET 2023 psychology syllabus.

CUET 2023 Overview

In 2023, students who want to pursue graduation from one of the Central Universities in India will have to take the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). Almost all Central Universities and state universities are taking part in CUET 2023. The institutions are accepting admissions via CUET 2023. The exam is most likely one of the most popular national tests for getting into college.

The CUET 2023 Test will have three parts. Sections 1A and 1B test both general and specialized language knowledge. In Section II of CUET 2023, candidates will be tested on their domain knowledge. Psychology is part of the domain-specific subjects in Section II. You have to answer 50 questions and 40 questions on the psychology test. There will be 200 marks for the CUET Psychology test.

CUET 2023 Psychology Syllabus

The psychology syllabus of CUET 2023 contains all the topics and units that the candidate has studied in Class 12th. Aspirants of the Psychology domain must know the syllabus to be thorough with their preparation.

Overview of CUET 2023 Psychology Syllabus

Candidates can check the overview of the CUET 2023 Psychology syllabus below.

Topic Title of the Unit Topics
Unit-I Variations in Psychological Attributes Individual differences in human functioning
Assessment of psychological attributes Intelligence
Individual differences in intelligence
Theories of intelligence…etc
Unit-II Self and Personality Self-esteem
Self –Regulation
Culture and Self …etc
Unit-III Meeting Life Challenges Strategies to cope with stress
Nature, types and sources of stress
Effects on psychological functioning and health …etc
Unit-IV Psychological Disorders Concepts of abnormality and psychological disorders
Classification of disorders
Factors underlying abnormal behaviour
Major psychological disorders …etc
Unit-V Therapeutic Approaches Nature and process of therapy
Therapeutic relationship
Types of therapies
Psychodynamic …etc
Unit-VI Attitude and Social Cognition Explaining social behaviour
Social cognition
Schemas and stereotypes
Nature and components of attitudes ….etc
Unit-VII Social Influence and Group Processes Conformity, Obedience, and Compliance
Cooperation and Competition
Nature and formation of groups
Social identity …etc
Unit-VIII Psychology and Life Human-environment relationship
Environmental effects on human behaviour
Noise, pollution crowding, natural disasters …etc
Unit-IX Developing Psychological Skills Effective psychological skills
Observational skills
Interviewing skills
Testing skills
Counselling skills ...

CUET 2023 Psychology Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the preparation tips for CUET 2023 Psychology.

1.Plan Your Academic Calendar

Preparing for the test is like setting out on a long journey to reach our life's goal, which needs meticulous preparation and execution. We need a guide to help us get to where we want to go on our preparation journey successfully and productively. Candidates need to plan their study schedules. Candidates should include all of the subjects they want to study in their study schedule. Prepare notes for a rapid review of the syllabus by covering all the material.

2. Make a brief list of possible topics.

Candidates should create a list of all the subjects they've studied and an overview of the complete course. Aspirants are encouraged to outline the material they're studying as they go through each session or subject so they may easily go back to it during revision.

3.Use Your Critical Thinking Skills When Reading Text

Studying efficiently means more than just reading or skimming the textbook; it also means analyzing and comprehending the material. Candidates are often advised to read between the lines, across the lines, and over the whole page to grasp the subject completely. It is easier for applicants to retain information if they can use their critical thinking skills.

4. Be Honest with Yourself

Candidates should be aware that one of the best methods to gauge their success is to conduct performance assessments. All candidates should periodically assess their performance to determine how much they have absorbed from the material they have studied. They may prepare for this by completing past years' test questions, practise questions, or mock exams. Accurately fixing flaws and improvising the performance is essential.

5. Relax and Eat a Well-balanced Diet.

Candidates who want to do well on the test need adequate sleep and eat healthily. Candidates will benefit from frequent pauses throughout the study to refuel their energies and focus on the material again. Maintaining good health via a balanced diet is essential for exam candidates because it allows them to concentrate on doing well on the test.

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