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CUET Political Science Syllabus

Smart way to CUET preparation

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2023 Political Science Syllabus becomes accessible on the official site of the National Testing Agency (NTA) after the release of the notification. Visitors to the official website of CUET 2023 can easily get the PDF version of the official Political Science Syllabus posted on the website when it is available.

The era of One-Party Dominance, Nation-Building and Its Problems, Politics of Planned Development, India's External Relations, Challenge to and Restoration of Congress System, Crisis of the Constitutional Order, Regional Aspirations and Conflicts, Rise of New Social Movements, Democratic Upsurge and Coalition Politics, and Recent Issues and Challenges from Politics in India etc., are some of the topics that will be discussed in this book. The CUET 2023 Political Science Syllabus will include discussions on themes such as Since Independence and other contemporary political issues.

Some of the other significant subjects discussed in Contemporary World Politics include the era of the Cold War in world politics, the disintegration of the so-called "Second World," and the collapse of bipolarity. Other key subjects include the dominance of the United States in international politics, alternative centres of economic and political power, South Asia in the era after the cold war, international organisations in a unipolar world, etc.

CUET 2023 Overview

Candidates who want to enrol in undergraduate programmes offered by Central Universities must take the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). Administering the CUET once a year has been delegated to the National Testing Agency as part of its responsibilities. NTA will conduct the exam in CBT mode. The CUET 2023 curriculum comprises a total of three different components. Language tests are covered in Section- IA and Section- IB, whilst tests covering particular domains are covered in Section II, and a general exam is covered in Section III. The examination in Political Science consists of a total of fifty questions. Candidates are given options from inside the organisation. They have the option of responding to any 40 questions from the pool of 50 questions.

The CUET 2023 is conducted by the National Testing Agency in thirteen different languages. The letter from the official body states that the test would take place in two separate time windows. The CUET 2023 examination will be held in India and other countries, with a total of around 600 testing locations. Close to one hundred thousand pupils will be taking part in this examination.

CUET 2023 Political Science Syllabus

Aspirants can also download the pdf from the official website when available

Overview of CUET 2023 Political Science Syllabus

The overview of the political science syllabus is given below

Politics in India since Independence

Topic Title of the Topic
Topic -1 The era of One-Party Dominance
Topic -2 Nation-Building and Its Problems
Topic -3 Politics of Planned Development
Topic -4 India’s External Relations
Topic -5 Challenge to and Restoration of Congress System
Topic -6 Crisis of the Constitutional Order
Topic -7 Regional Aspirations and Conflicts
Topic -8 Rise of New Social Movements
Topic -9 Democratic Upsurge and Coalition Politics
Topic -10 Recent Issues and Challenges

Contemporary World Politics

Topic Title of the Topic
Topic -1 Cold War Era in World Politics
Topic -2 The disintegration of the 'Second World' and the Collapse of Bipolarity
Topic -3 US Dominance in World Politics
Topic -4 Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Power
Topic -5 South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era
Topic -6 International Organisations in a Unipolar World
Topic -7 Security in Contemporary World
Topic -8 Environment and Natural Resources in Global Politics
Topic -9 Globalisation and Its Critics

CUET 2023 Political Science Preparation Tips

Be familiar with your Syllabus

1. Be familiar with your Syllabus

When preparing for a test, the first step is to familiarise yourself with the curriculum. When you excel in school, you know everything about your subject matter. Candidates are urged to review the course curriculum properly. Everything matters. Therefore it's best to cover everything. Candidates who are well-versed in all of the exam's subjects will be more likely to do well.

2. Sketch up a study schedule

To be successful in life, careful planning is a need. Candidates for admission to CUET must devise a study plan or schedule to succeed. It's critical to lay out a strategy for studying, revising, and taking a practice exam. Candidates are expected to study for all of the exam subjects in the order they were scheduled.


All units, subjects, and sub-topics should be reviewed. Another key part of preparation is revision. Candidates are encouraged to go back and review their notes after they have finished studying for all of the required subjects. Candidates benefit from revision by better recollecting what they have learned. Before a test, it's essential to complete some preparation work in revision. As a result, it's important to leave plenty of time for editing.

4. Practice

Mock tests and sample papers from past years are important tools for test-taking practice and mastery. Candidate progress and strength may be discovered by practising these papers. To prepare for an exam, aspirants should take as many as feasible. The candidate's accuracy, speed, time management, and performance will all increase if they concentrate their attention on this aspect.

5. Determine a Timeline for Success

To achieve their full potential, having clear, measurable objectives and to commit to them over time is essential. To succeed, most of the contenders put out the considerable effort. While some will achieve their ambitions, others will not. There's a big gap between these two groups of kids. The candidates focused on studying and working hard who didn't get their intended results, while the other students may realise that creating small and time-bound objectives would help them attain their larger aim. The ultimate objective, for example, is to learn everything in the Syllabus and do well on the test. For example, dividing your days or hours into days or hours to accomplish smaller objectives (learning and reviewing individual chapters, units, or topics) can help you attain the larger goal.

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