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CUET Geography Syllabus

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The National Testing Agency will soon make the Geography Syllabus accessible to the general public on its official website, which may be accessed here – On the official website for the CUET 2023, candidates can look for a course outline for Geography, whenever it will be made public. Candidates interested in taking the Geography test may get the syllabus pdf, available for download.

CUET 2023 will have 27 domain-specific tests, out of which candidates can appear for a maximum of 6 domain-specific tests. Geography is one of the domain-specific subjects. The topics that will be tested in the CUET 2023 exam are the same ones taught in the Geography curriculum. The CUET 2023 Geography Syllabus defines the individual units and the subjects covered by each unit.

Candidates interested in taking the CUET in 2023 will find all of the pertinent information, including the examination pattern for the CUET, major topics covered in the Geography domain, and preparation tips, in this article.

CUET 2023 Overview

The Common Universities Entrance Test 2023 (CUET) will be administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Students must graduate CUET 2023 with a high grade point average to apply to any Central University or other university. For the first time in the history of either the CUET or the CUCET, the exam will be administered in more than one language. Marathi, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Urdu, Malayalam, and Assamese are the languages of instruction that exam participants may choose to use. They can communicate in several languages.

As part of Section II, applicants for the CUET 2023 must take a subject-specific exam and a language proficiency test. This year's CUET will feature two shifts: the Morning and the Afternoon. There will be fifty questions regarding geography on the exam. The person has a choice on the inside. Candidates may answer any 40 of the 50 questions in the test. Every question has a single correct answer in the geography section. Multiple-choice questions totalling 200 points are included in the exam.

CUET 2023 Geography Syllabus

CUET 2023 Geography syllabus consists of topics from Class XII of NCERT. Candidates aspiring to appear for the Geography domain subject should know the subject's syllabus.

Overview of CUET 2023 Geography syllabus

The Fundamental of Human Geography Syllabus overview of CUET 2023 Geography can be checked in the table below.

Fundamentals of Human Geography

Unit Title of the Unit Topics
Unit I Human Geography: Nature and Scope -
Unit II People Population of the world
Population change
Age-sex ratio
Human development
Unit III Human Activities Primary activities
Secondary activities
Tertiary activities
Quaternary activities
Unit IV Transport, Communication and Trade Land transport
Water transport
Air transport
Oil and gas pipelines
Satellite communication and cyberspace
International trade
Unit V Human Settlements Settlement types

The overview of the Indian People and Economy syllabus under the Geography subject of CUET 2023 can be checked in the table below.

India: People and Economy

Unit Title of the Unit Topics
Unit 1 People Migration
Human development
Population, environment and development
Unit 2 Human Settlements Rural settlements
Urban settlements
Unit 3 Resources and Development Land resources
Water resources
Mineral and energy resources
Planning in India
Unit 4 Transport, Communication and International Trade Transport and communication
International trade
Unit 5 Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems Environmental pollution
Land Degradation

CUET 2023 Geography Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the preparation tips for CUET 2023 Geography.

1.Make a study schedule for yourself.

The candidates are responsible for making a plan for their own study time to do well on the test. Nothing can indeed be done without a well-thought-out plan. To do well on the test, you must prepare carefully. The students are responsible for making a good study plan to finish all of the work on the syllabus. Making plans is easy; putting those plans into action is what makes dreams come true.

2.Read the Course Syllabus to find out what you need to do.

If you want to take the CUET Geography test, you should know everything in the course because questions could come from any subject or section. So, all applicants have been told to study for every subject in the curriculum. Start preparing early so you have enough time to learn as much as you can about each subject and do well on the test.

3.Rereading is required. Vision

Candidates need to be aware of how important it is to review because doing so often will help them remember the material. Aspirants should plan to spend one month revising. It is important to go over not only the most important ideas or units but also every idea, unit, and chapter.

4.Practice with real test questions

Candidates can't judge their performance just by reading the entire curriculum and getting familiar with it. Candidates must attempt to practise tests and sample papers to picture how much they know so far accurately. They can do better on the test and fix the mistakes they made before if they use this chance to do so.

5.Take Healthy Diet

Most students don't eat enough food every day, especially around test time. They might be nervous about the test or not feel like eating because they are so busy getting ready. People can get sick because of this directly. To avoid all of these unnecessary health problems, candidates are strongly encouraged to eat food that is both healthy and high in nutrients.

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