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CUET Computer Science

CUET Success made simple!

The CUET Exam is a highly anticipated test that can open the doors to your desired college or university. Excelling in this exam requires effective preparation and access to quality study materials. In this article, we will provide you with valuable CUET Biology study material to enhance your chances of success. Read on to discover how to access these resources and boost your performance on the CUET Exam.


The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a national-level entrance test conducted by the NTA for admissions to undergraduate programs at central and state universities. Candidates from all across the nation would be given the same opportunities and a centralized form via the Central University Entrance Test (CUET), which would assist their admission into central institutions to pursue their education.

The National Testing Agency is expected to organise CUET in the last weeks of May . The mode of exam will be a computer-based test. The NTA has scheduled the examination in 3 slots, ie, morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. The CUET examination will be broken up into three sections. The exams for the languages may be found in Section-1A and Section-1 B, respectively. The second half of the examination is more narrowly focused on the domain-specific test, while the third section is based on the general test. Candidates for the CUET exam are allowed to choose their preferred instructional medium from among the 13 distinct languages that are available to them. There are a total of fifty questions on the language exam paper. As a part of the test, those taking it are given a total of forty questions, and they are free to choose which one of those questions they want to answer.

CUET Computer Science Syllabus

The CUET Computer Science Syllabus is provided below.

Section A
Exception and File Handling in Python Exception Handling
File Handling
Database Concepts Introduction to database concepts
Relational algebra
Structured Query Language Data Definition
Data Query
Data Manipulation
Math functions
Text functions
Date Functions
Aggregate Functions
Computer Networks Network types
Network devices
Network Topologies
Section B1
Exception and File Handling in Python Queue
Searching Stack
Database Concepts Understanding Data
Sorting Structured Query Language
Computer Networks -
Section B2
Database Query using SQL Plotting Data using Matplotlib
Data Handling using Pandas – II Data Handling using Pandas – I
Societal Impacts Introduction to Computer Networks
Data Communication Security Aspects

CUET Computer Science Preparation Tips

Captured below are a few important preparation tips for CUET Computer Science exam:

1.Examine the Course Outline and the Examination Routine.

They would have a general notion from this, if an imprecise one, of the sort and variety of the questions on the examination. It is recommended that those interested check out the main themes and spend sufficient time on them according to how well they comprehend the ideas.

2.Construct a Time Table

Before opening up the preparation books, drawing up a schedule is one of the most important things that has to be done first. Candidates need to assign time to each subject, following the areas they struggle with and those in which they excel. Before assigning a certain amount of time to each unit, they should also consider the topic-wise weightage of the material. Aspirants' self-assurance will suffer if they are unable to adhere to the schedule, which, in turn, will be a direct result of the schedule's failure to be practical and manageable.

3. Work Through Some Example Issues

One of the most effective strategies to improve one's performance on exams is to practice solving sample issues by working through mock tests, sample papers, and question papers from the previous year. Additionally, it assists in raising speed, strengthening accuracy, and developing test stamina all at the same time. Candidates should self-evaluate their performance and highlight areas in which they fell short of identifying areas they may improve.

4.Get the Sleep You Need

Never undervalue the importance of getting enough sleep for your goals, aspirants. They need to ensure that they give themselves enough pauses between their study sessions and do not cut into their sleep time. Students need to get a full night's rest every night, preferably seven to eight hours, to keep their minds clear and calm during the studying process.

5.Revision should not be skipped.

Revision is the key to test preparation. It is beneficial for revitalizing the mind and remembering previously learned material. Candidates should set aside at least two to three weeks for review, and they should not begin discussing anything that hasn't already been covered.

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