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CUET Commerce Syllabus

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The Commerce Stream is a method of learning about business, accountancy, and commerce. The stream is chosen by students who desire to work in business sectors and industries. The essential disciplines in the Commerce stream are Economics, Accounting, and Business Studies. Similarly, the CUET Commerce syllabus includes the subjects mentioned above. CUET being the common entrance test for most of the commerce programmes at the Central Universities, candidates will have to appear for CUET domain-specific tests.

CUET is divided into three sections –Languages, Domain-specific tests, and General test. However, it is the domain-specific test that focuses on domain skills. Thus, candidates can choose from the 27 domain-specific test subjects relevant to the programme they are applying to. Most importantly, candidates must check the eligibility requirements for the preferred programmes to apply to the right domain-specific subjects.

Below mentioned are the domain-specific test subjects under CUET commerce. Candidates can know about the CUET syllabus and important topics for the commerce subjects.

CUET Accountancy Syllabus

Unit I: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Partnership Firms
Unit II: Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis
Unit III: Computerized Accounting System

CUET Business Studies Syllabus

Unit I: Nature and Significance of Management
Unit II: Principles of Management
Unit III: Business Environment
Unit IV: Planning
Unit V: Organizing
Unit VI: Staffing
Unit VII: Directing
Unit VIII: Controlling
Unit IX: Business Finance
Unit X: Financial Markets
Unit XI: Marketing
Unit XII: Consumer Protection
Unit XIII: Entrepreneurship Development

CUET Entrepreneurship syllabus

Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity
Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Planning
Unit 3: Enterprise Marketing
Unit 4: Enterprise Growth Strategies

CUET Economics Syllabus

Unit I: Introduction to Microeconomics
Unit II: Consumer Behaviour and Demand
Introductory Macroeconomics
Unit III: National Income and Related Aggregates — Basic Concepts and Measurement
Unit IV: Determination of Income and Employment
Unit V: Money and Banking
Unit VI: Government Budget and the Economy
Unit VII: Balance of Payments
Indian Economic Development
Unit VIII: Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991
Unit IX: Current challenges facing the Indian Economy
Unit X: Development Experience in India

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