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CAT'23 88%ile

B-schools falling under this category are typically regarded as the elite institutions in the realm of business education. These schools are known for their stringent admission standards, demanding academic environment, and distinguished faculty.

CAT'23 88-75%ile

These B-schools strike a balance between academic rigour and broader accessibility. These institutions are recognized for their robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and relatively flexible admission standards.

CAT'23 75- 50%ile

These B-schools represent a balance of accessibility and quality education. These institutions typically offer a blend of rigorous academic curricula and practical business insights, making them a viable choice for a wide spectrum of students.

CAT'23 Below 50%ile

B-schools accommodating students with CAT scores below the 50th percentile offer distinctive and valuable learning experiences. These institutions often prioritize accessibility over standardized test scores and open up choices for the majority of candidates.

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