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Words related to Government

A list of Words Related to Government to Strengthen your Vocabulary

Words related to Government

Governments are the most important part of the way our societies function. Given how important is to understand the way governments function, it makes sense that you explore what are the different forms of governance that are possible. Explore the list of different forms of governments here:

  • Anarchy: Anarchy is a state of absence of law.
  • Authoritarian: A rule characteristic of a ruler having absolute sovereignty and a centralized and highly concentrated power maintained by political repression can be termed as authoritarian.
  • Autocracy: A form of government controlled by absolute power, concentrated in the hands of a single person with minimal restraints on the decisions and lack of any regularized mechanisms of popular control.
  • Communism: It is a revolutionary socialist movement aimed at creating a classless society that abolishes private ownership. The property is held by the community rather than the individuals and all activity is controlled by the government.
  • Democracy: Originating in Ancient Greece, democracy means 'rule of the people' .The term today refers to a political system in which the people or their elected representatives govern themselves, rather than being governed, so everyone has a equal say in the decisions affecting their lives.
  • Dictatorship: A form of government or social situation where the power rests entirely on one person or a group of persons.
  • Fascism: A way of ruling that advocates total control of the people and seeks to promote the ancestral and cultural values and eradicate foreign influences that are deemed to cause degeneration to the national and moral values of the people.
  • Junta: Having its origin from Spanish word Junta, which has its roots in Latin jungere (to join), it refers to a group or coalition that takes control of the state after overthrowing a government. Monarchy: It is the type of government having a hereditary chief of state(a king or queen), usually known as a monarch, with life tenure and powers varying from nominal , where the powers of the monarch are regulated by a constitution to absolute, where the monarch enjoys unlimited powers.
  • Tyranny: A form of government or authority of an absolute ruler; hence, arbitrary exercise of power over subjects and others not requisite for the purposes of government or approved by law and justice.
  • Oligarchy: The word is from the Greek term for "rule of the few." It is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a faction of persons or families.
  • Plutocracy: The Greek word 'ploutos' means wealth, so plutocracy is a government ruled by the rich or power provided by wealth.
  • Technocracy: A form of government where scientists and technical experts are in control of the state.
  • Theocracy: A government of a state by priests ruling in the name of God or gods, or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided, or consistent with the doctrines and principles of a particular religion or religious community.
  • Totalitarian: A system is the one in which a single political authority regulates total control over state, that is centralized and dictatorial.

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