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Words related to Food

Learn more words by reading this list of Words Related to Food

Words related to Food

Howsoever hard you may try; it is next to impossible to leave out food from our daily lives, schedules and discussions. As they say, 'food' is always on the table, and in the same way, we serve 15 words related to food here. Many of these words would not be common and you might hear them for the first time. Make sure you chew them well and ingrain them in your memory.

  • Aliment: It can be defined as something that supports or nourishes life .i.e. food.
  • Bite: An act of biting .i.e. cutting into an edible item. Bite can also be defined as an amount of food taken into mouth at one time.
  • Board: Board in terms of food can be defined as a table that is meant for serving food. Also, board can also be defined as food being considered as whole .e.g. when we say boarding and lodging.
  • Chow: Slang used for to eat.
  • Comestible: Characteristic of food that makes it fit to be eaten. Comestible can also be used in place of edible.
  • Comfort food: Food that is prepared to give someone a sense of well being .i.e. is easy to eat and easy to digest. Also, it can be defined as that food, which has a nostalgic appeal to it.
  • Ambrosia: This is a word borrowed from Greek Mythology and refers the food of the gods. Mortals who ate this food became immortal supposedly.
  • Entree: The principal dish of a meal, the star attraction, the centerpiece around which chefs build the complete meal. There is a second meaning for 'entree'. It is as times used to refer to ‘a dish served in formal dining immediately before the main course or between two principal courses.’ or starters.
  • Fare: In simple words fare is also called food or diet, which can either be cooked at home or can also be something that is traditionally eaten .e.g. traditional fare or home-cooked fare.
  • Grub: It is a slang often used for food.
  • Handout: food given free for charitable purposes.
  • Larder: It is the cool area where food is stored prior to use. Larder can also be used as a synonym for pantry or a cellar. Larders were in use when refrigerators were not in vogue.
  • Pabulum: Something that has been made to be bland; also it is a solution of nutrients prepared in such a way that it is perfect for absorption by the body.
  • Provender: In simple words it is food; also, it can be called as a dry food for domestic animals. It can also be used as a synonym for fare, grub, foodstuffs and eatables.
  • Provisions: A stock of food or needed materials made available for specific use, as by an expedition.
  • Ration: Share or supply of food that is determined and supplied to a person; also, a supply of another commodity as dictated by availability. It can also be called a food allowance for one day.
  • Subsistence: the minimum amount of food necessary for survival; also, the equivalent in non-edible commodities.
  • Sustenance: Something that maintains and supports survival/life; also, food and drink that can be a source of strength.
  • Viand: An item of food, particularly delicious one. In plural form, see provisions.
  • Victuals: In simple words it is food that can be consumed by humans. See provisions; as victual, a verb synonymous with provision in the sense of supplying with provisions.
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